The choice of the host when it comes to data servers is a critical one, and then deciding the location is another daunting task. You need to be mindful when picking the location for your data server since the location of the audience impacts the performance of a site. Think of it in this way, the nearer the server is to your end users, the better will be the performance and vice versa.

Having that said, the location offered by the providers should be taken into consideration to make sure they get to obtain the maximum benefits. Many times, trying out different locations will not increase the cost for you, but will eventually impart better results.

The Impact Of Server Location On Your Website’s Performance


Not a single website live on the internet gets loaded instantly. Even the ones optimized to perfection take some time to load. This is because they are being offered by the data servers where they are stored by the webmasters. Furthermore, a website is considered to have a blazingly fast speed, if it gets loaded within one second.

You should know that several factors are responsible for impacting the speed of a website, and the data server location is not solely responsible. Some of those factors include scripts, images, plugins, bloated themes, etc. As we all know that each webpage has a collection of files and therefore depending on the size of the files contained, it takes time to load.

Undoubtedly, distance is one such major factor as well that plays a major role. As far as the performance of the website is considered, the distance of the data server is taken into account. That said, the more the distance between the user and the server, the more time a website will take to load. Evoluso is a great solution when it comes to locating the best data server for maximum benefits. This situation is however not a major issue but the factor is worth considering.

Picking The Best Location For Dedicated Server

Some of the highly reputed web hosts available in the market usually offer several location options for their consumers to make the most of the services. When it comes to data centers, you get the flexibility to choose the location, and the best part with most es is that there are no extra charges.

Though, the question of picking the best one available remains, and many are not able to decide. That said, how will you know that a particular location is the best for your site? Below, we list some major factors that help a person decide the best location for their server. Location plays a major role and it helps offer the maximum benefits for both businesses and consumers.

Below we list a checklist of some of the major factors that help decide the best location for your server.

1. The Data Center Choices Offered


When deciding the location, you can ask the web host to give you a list of all possible locations that they are offering. This way, you will know what locations are feasible for you and which ones will offer the maximum benefits. The web hosts usually have the information listed on their website for the users to access. After going through the available options, take some time to research and decide on the best ones available.

2. Speculate Target Audience

The audience that you target should be considered when picking a location for the data server. Having that said, if you are targeting most of the people from the USA and have the data server located in India, then you won’t be able to obtain optimal results. To target people in the USA, you will have to look for data centers that are located near the USA to obtain the maximum results.

3. Check The Performance Of the Data Center


Several websites available on the internet today offer details of the performance of a web host. You will find all major web hosts listed on these sites to give an overview to the customers. The information listed is true and will give you an idea of which one you should choose for your needs. That said, you will be able to decide better, whether or not a particular service is worth paying.

If you value privacy and want to pay for your dedicated server anonymously, you may want to consider to buy a dedicated server with Bitcoin. Many hosting providers now accept Bitcoin as a payment option, allowing you to keep your identity and financial information secure.

There are chances that you have already paid several data server service providers for their services, but the results were not as expected. Though, with plenty of options available, you will not have to worry about anything, since you can make frequent switches. The simple solution would be to ask your hosting service provider to get the setup moved to a different server location for best results.

Additionally, if your service provider doesn’t offer migration options, you should choose to switch the host for best results. This time before picking a hosting service provider, make sure you choose one that offers multiple options. Also, check with the service provider, if they offer an option of migrating a complete website to their server for a new user.

4. Check If The Data Center Is Close to IXP (Internet Exchange Point)

The location of the dedicated server plays a huge role in impacting the overall performance of a website. That said, the closer it is to the user the better will be the performance and vice versa. Hence, when targeting people and picking the data server location you should consider the locations of both the elements to decide better. The data centers located at a good distance away from the IXPs are believed to suffer high levels of latency in website performance. This is because the data has to travel long distances before it gets reached to the user.

The Bottom Line

No matter the speed of the data server, there are certain instances where the users still face lags in website performance. This is because of the location of the data server. Hence, it is always recommended that you choose the location of the data server after considering all major factors. The choice of a service provider that offers various location options is the best to obtain the maximum benefits.