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We see dreams almost every night. Do dreams have a deeper meaning? Some people as well as renowned psychologists believe that the answer to this question is yes.

According to research, on average, an individual sees nearly five to six dreams in one night, and each tends to last for at least 20-35 minutes. Dream analysts say that dreams are somehow related to a human’s behavior and what they are going through in their lives. To get to know more about it, check out

Let us dive into what they reflect and what is the meaning of a particular dream you saw last night.

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Not Finding A Washroom!

It often happens in your dreams that you feel the urge to pee but cannot find a washroom. If you have had the same dream, it means you are striving to achieve something in your real life but are failing to do so. There are also possibilities that you are too involved in solving other problems and hence have insufficient time left for personal issues.

Teeth Falling Off!

If you see your tooth falling out then it may depict that you are suffering from lack of confidence. It also depicts that you are worried about creating a good impression on people and care a lot about others’ perception of you. Moreover, it also reflects that you fear of getting rejected, do not feel attractive, or feel embarrassed.


As per the Hindu Mythology, snake dreams have  both positive and negative meanings. If you see a snake coiled itself around your arm, it indicates tension in the near future.

If you win over the snake, it means that you will win over your enemies. It also indicates that some enemies are plotting something evil against you, however they will not be successful.

The biggest reason behind having dreams of snakes can be some underlying fears or concerns. Generally, people see such dreams when they go through a lot of unwanted fears and difficulties in life and they keep thinking about them in their subconscious minds.

In order to lead a healthy life, it is very essential that you should accept every good and bad part of your life. When someone has the dream of snakes, it also leads to the interpretation that there is something which that person is not ready to accept. It can be anything like some dark secret or some bad experience that a person is unable to forget or share with someone.

As per the law of nature, snakes shed their skin. So, such a dream may also be considered as a symbol of transformation or rebirth. If you see a snake shedding its skin, it will lead to some kind of change or transformation in your life. That transformation can be in the form of spiritual development.

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Roaming Naked!

Have you had a dream of roaming naked in front of the public? It depicts that you are having a tough time dealing with personal problems or are feeling that someone has wrongly accused you.

Many people often see a dream where they are not naked; instead, some other person is. Such a dream indicates that you fear that the other person might fall into a certain problem.


Many people see dreams about dying or losing a close loved one. Such a dream will definitely make you feel very stressed and the experience leaves behind a negative impact on your mood and mental health.

Dreams about death highlight a ‘transition phase in your life. It may even be a symbolic goodbye you are going through in your life- be it from a relationship, a home, or a professional undertaking. In simple words, they reflect an ‘end.’

But it is important to understand that you must not take death dreams literally. Intead, you should take them optimistically and choose to introspect and see what changes you see in your life.


Just because you had a dream about cheating on your partner or your partner cheating on you, doesn’t mean it’s happening in reality! But it shows that you need to look into your relationship and see if there’s anything that needs to be worked through.

Such dreams may mean that you are probably facing some emotional or sexual dissatisfaction. If you dream about your partner cheating on you, then it depicts that you have some trust issues or are recovering from a traumatic relationship. A sense of worthlessness and insecurity or trauma from an old experience or disloyal partner from your past or present can trigger such dreams.

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Animal Attacks

As hilarious as it sounds, some people dream about animals attacking them. Animals bring a sense of direction and guidance in situations where you are confused and feel lost. However, if you dream about animals attacking you, you must see if you’re living or surrounded by negative energy. You must check if you are harboring any anger, rage, or frustration within yourself. However, some people who have such dreams usually have an actual person in their life who is determined to destroy or harm them.

Hence, please look into all aspects to understand what a dream about an animal attack means. Check for any negative vibes, whether you have anger pent up inside of you or whether anyone is trying to harm you.

Final Word

Having random dreams of things and experiences you don’t expect to see or go through is extremely common and normal. You shouldn’t worry about it or try to interpret a dream, but you can always introspect aspects of your life that may be causing these dreams.

Dreams leave a lot of impact on a person’s energy and mood, which may be positive or negative. The best way to deal with this is to find some answers and see what message these dreams are trying to convey to you. We hope that this article helps you to find the underlying meaning behind your dreams.