Recreational cannabis has been legal in California since 2016. Given that fact, we’re not surprised at the widespread use or the number of dispensaries that have popped up to cope with the demand.

The thing is, you have to be careful when buying cannabis. The best way to do this is by opting for well-reputed retailers like Otherwise, you’re looking at heavy metal toxicity, fungal toxins, pesticides, and more.

But if you don’t want to buy your cannabis supply every month, you could always take up a bit of gardening. Although California laws allow you to grow cannabis plants at home, there are limitations on how much you can grow and how you store it.

Legal Age for Growing Cannabis in California

You must be 21 years or older to grow cannabis in California. The age limit also applies to consuming cannabis, at least recreationally. With your doctor’s permission, you can buy cannabis at the age of eighteen. Unfortunately, this leverage doesn’t extend to growing cannabis.

You’ll also need to check your city or town’s laws. The age requirements for some areas may differ from those in others.

Number of Cannabis Plants You Can Grow


The number of cannabis plants you can grow depends on your needs. Folks with medical requirements often have more leeway compared to recreational users.

For Medical Purposes

Patients and caregivers can grow marijuana with a physician’s approval. Generally, as a patient, you are allowed to keep six mature and 12 immature cannabis plants. However, the physician may permit you to grow more if deemed necessary.

While patients must keep the growth restricted to 100 square meters, caregivers can use 500 square meters. This is because caregivers can grow cannabis for up to five patients at a time.

However, you will need a Medical Marijuana Identification Card (MMIC) to prove that you’re a patient or a caregiver. You can get this card with your doctor’s prescription.

For Recreational Purposes

Recreational users who are over 21 can grow up to six cannabis plants. You cannot exceed this number, regardless of the plant’s maturity.

Don’t think about trying to bypass that limit by having everyone in your house grow six plants. It won’t work. Only six cannabis plants are allowed per home; if you have more than that, you could get in trouble with the law.

Rules for Growing and Storing Cannabis on Your Property


Yes, growing cannabis on your property is legal, but there are some conditions. You can only grow cannabis on your residential property while ensuring it isn’t visible to the general public.

Plus, you must store all excess cannabis in hidden and locked compartments. Tenants must check with their landlords before growing cannabis.

Legally, a landlord can stop you from growing cannabis on their property. Your local administration can also prohibit cannabis cultivation, so check with them first. Furthermore, some administrative authorities may require you to get a permit to grow cannabis.

Legal Amount of Cannabis You Can Carry

There’s no restriction on how much cannabis you get from your plants as long as you keep it to yourself.

But if you want to take it out of the house, you’re only allowed to have 28.5 grams, which roughly translates to one ounce.

Carrying Cannabis in a Car

If you’re carrying cannabis in your car, stay within the legal limit. The cannabis must be in a hidden container, though you can also place it in your car’s trunk.

In any case, you should not drive a car or operate heavy machinery after taking cannabis. You might be asked to take a sobriety test if the police suspect you are high.

Selling Homegrown Cannabis in California


You cannot sell your homegrown cannabis on the market. While you can give some of it to adults or patients, you must not earn any income from it. Unlike home-grown plants, commercial-grade cannabis undergoes several quality checks to ensure it contains no toxins or pesticides.

When it comes to minors, you can’t give them cannabis, even for free. You also can’t employ minors to grow cannabis or even let them near the plants.

Penalties for Illegal Cannabis Sale and Growth

The authorities might charge you with a misdemeanor if you’re a minor carrying cannabis or have more than the one-ounce limit.

The misdemeanor means you can be incarcerated for ten days to six months with a fine ranging from $250 to $500.

Possession with the intent to sell or give away can also lead to a misdemeanor with a $500 fine and a six-month jail sentence. FYI: Growing more than six plants is also considered a misdemeanor.

Selling to a minor will get you charged with a felony, and you may end up in prison for three to seven years.

You can’t use volatile solvents if you’re planning on turning cannabis into concentrates or other products. That means no butane or propane.

Illegal chemical manufacture of cannabis products can land you in prison for three to seven years with a $50,000 fine.



Cannabis is legal. However, you must hide it the same way you’d hide something inappropriate from your parents. You should also exercise caution when it comes to growing these plants.

We recommend looking into the laws of your city to avoid any misunderstandings. Since you can’t plead ignorance of the law in court, you’ll be better off being proactive in the first place.

Do not sell or distribute the cannabis you grow, especially not to minors. Doing so may land you in prison with heavy fines. Don’t exceed the six-plant limit either, unless you have medical reasons to do so.

If you still want to grow cannabis plants in California, get your seeds from a licensed retailer and follow the law. With that said, we wish you luck in all your gardening endeavors.