Power banks are a necessity for people who are always on the road. So it has become an essential item in the traveling kit. And of course, it is not limited to them only. A lot of people use power banks as it gives them freedom. So whether you are busy shooting dramas and movies or making vlogs or traveling around the world, the power bank is a must thing to have with you.

However, you need to charge your power banks too. So at some time, you will face a problem if the area does not have electricity. Therefore, there are solar power banks that give you power as long as there is the sun. So of course, all the time. If you are on a trip to jungles or places with no electricity, you will need a solar power bank. It will recharge your phone as well as itself.

1 – Solar Charger From Babaka

This solar charger gives you a large capacity battery with a 26800 mAh supply. Therefore, you will be able to recharge your phone multiple times with just a single charge. You can recharge both Apple and Android phones. If you have an iPhone, you can recharge it 6 to 10 times. And if you have a Samsung phone, you can recharge it 6 to 7 times. Thus, it will become your best traveling partner. You won’t only recharge your phone but also your friends.

It offers dual charging methods. Firstly, you can charge it just like any other device through a power supply. Secondly, you can charge it with solar power. It has 4 solar plates that are foldable. So if the power bank is completely out of power and you need to recharge it quickly, you can unfold all 4 plates. This will save a lot of your charging time. So while you are eating something, you can unfold the plates and recharge your power bank.

The best part is that it offers IP65 waterproof registration. So it is not something sensitive that needs your attention while being in use. Furthermore, it has a built-in protection system that prevents overcharging and over-discharging. Therefore, once it gets charged completely, the system will automatically turn off. This will prevent any possible mishap or accident. You can click here to buy it.


2 – Blavor Solar Charger Power Bank

This power bank offers 20000 mAh power with portable wireless charging. So you won’t need to carry a USB cable around everywhere. And even if your cable gets misplaced or damaged on the way, you will still have the charging facility. Furthermore, it offers an 18W power supply that will ensure fast charging. So even if you are using a power bank, you won’t need to wait for hours.

This model is compatible with both Apple and Android phones. Furthermore, because of 20000 mAh of large battery capacity, it will be able to charge your devices multiple times. So you can always share it with your friends or someone in need. Therefore, you can call your battery safer during emergencies.

In addition to this, it is a necessity for your survival kit in the wild. Apart from the large battery capacity, it also has a flashlight, compass and solar charging. Therefore, it will come in handy during emergencies. The solar panel is on one side of the power bank. On the other side, there is the portable charger. So you can charge the power bank during the day and keep it full all the time.


3 – Quadrapro Solar Power Bank 5.5w

The next solar power bank also has 4 solar panels with the foldable feature. So you can fold the panels while keeping them in your bag. And when you need to recharge it, you can unfold these plates and quickly charge it with even limited sunlight. Furthermore, it has 6500 mAh of battery capacity. So you can recharge your phone at least 2 times with it.

Moreover, it provides you with 2 output jacks of 5V and also a wireless charging option. So whether you want to use the USB cable to recharge the phone or the wireless option, you can do both. So no more messy cables in your bag. Just keep one cable for emergencies and you are ready to leave.

In addition to this, you will also get a magnetic leather case. This case will offer waterproof coating to prevent any accidental damage. Furthermore, it also offers heat resistance thus, keeping your device safe. Furthermore, you will have a flashlight in this charger. So if you are in the wild and the sun has gone down, you can still see things through this flashlight. Thus, you won’t fill up your bag with an extra flashlight.


4 – Solar Charger – Portable Solar Power Bank

This one offers you 10000 mAh of power supply. So it is enough to charge your phones multiple times. And of course, it also offers android and Apple compatibility. So you can take it with you while going out hiking or camping. It has 2 USB ports that allow you to charge two devices at a time. So it will be a power supply for your family trips.

You will see 4 LED indicators that will tell you about the remaining power. So if the battery is low, you can put it under sunlight while you enjoy yourself. Furthermore, it has IP65 waterproof resistance and also dust and shock resistance. So it will be safe during trips and hiking. It is nothing sensitive that needs extra care.

In addition to this, the power bank has 2 LED lights that will save space in the bag. So if you are planning a survival tour with your friends, you won’t need to carry a flashlight. This will give you more space to keep necessities. These LED flashlights will come in handy during the night.