When you’re shopping for your infant, you want to know you’re buying the best products money can buy. When buying their baby formula, the amount of research you do is likely to be much higher. After all, knowing that your child is being supported in these critical months of their growth cycle is of utmost importance.

As said, the majority of formulas should be suitable for your infant unless they have specific feeding requirements. But the greatest formulas contain small details that set them apart, such unique components or delicate formulations that could help them be tolerated better or might offer vitamins and other nutrients that are simpler to reach.

Additionally, there are formulas created specifically for infants with GERD, soy allergies, lactose sensitivity, or other requirements. Furthermore, it might be perplexing and stressful to choose from a variety of formulae with identical appearances on a store shelf, whether it be online or in person.

It takes effort to feed a baby no matter how you do it. Using a formula comes with the additional difficulties of understanding lengthy component lists and differentiating between the several options. Please know that every brand has different cost with different nutrients so do read before buying.To help you navigate this complex decision, here are 3 of the best, and 3 of the worst, baby formulas you can purchase in 2024:

The 3 Best Baby Formulas Money Can Buy in 2024


1. Up&Up Gentle Non-GMO Infant Formula

One of the premiere, best-known baby formulas for parents on a budget, Up&Up is known for helping you take care of your infant to the best of your abilities. If your infant has a testy stomach, the gentle equation of this formula, and its certified non-GMO ingredients will ensure they can digest the formula comfortably (while still getting all of the important vitamins and nutrients they need to grow healthily). To ensure your baby does not have crying fits, and a messy diaper, going with Up&Up is a no-brainer.

2. Kirkland Signature ProCare Infant Formula

Kirkland is an excellent choice, but the fact that it’s Costco exclusive will prevent some parents from getting ahold of it easily. Thankfully, if you shop online, you will not need a Costco membership to enjoy this otherwise convenient and fantastic baby formula in 2024. The formula is packed to the brim with Lutein, DHA, and other essential vitamins your child needs to grow effectively. The formula is also known for being made without any artificial growth hormones, which has become incredibly important to many parent consumers over the last decade.

3. Member’s Mark Infant

Another excellent, and cost-saving option for your infant in 2024, Member’s Mark Infant formula keeps things simple, effective, and healthy. For just fifty cents an ounce, you can get access to a unique combo of non-GMO, well-made, and growth-boosting ingredients. There’s an easy-to-make nature to Member’s Mark Infant formula that makes it that much more appealing and attractive to busy parents of newborns. If you’re a Sam’s Club member, you can score this fantastic formula for even less money, so be sure to keep it on your list next time you go shopping. Being able to buy in bulk is even more important as the baby formula shortage continues.

The 3 Worst Baby Formulas that You Should Avoid in 2024


1. Similac Liquid Protein Fortifier

Similac has been involved in many lawsuits as of 2024, due to some of their milk-derived formulas being linked to health issues (especially in newborn infants). This quality, mixed with the fact that the liquid protein formula model has lost popularity with parents due to its higher price, makes it one of the worst formulas you can invest in during 2024. You can get much better quality formula at a much better price point, so be sure to avoid Similac Liquid Protein Fortifier.

2. Enfamil Human Milk Fortifier Powder

Enfamil has been heavily scrutinized right alongside Similac. There are many different neurological and gut conditions linked to some of the ingredients in both the Enfamil and Similac products we’re discussing. Once again, the fortifier aspect of the product makes it less popular and value-friendly as well.

3. HiPP Dutch Stage 1 Combiotic Infant Milk Formula

The inclusion of aluminum in this otherwise-solid formula choice has turned many parents of the product in 2024. As the dangers aluminum poses to your infant’s digestion and growth become more widely known, products with this harmful ingredient have lost their popularity. The heavy metals in aluminum have been linked to some neurological conditions that can severely negatively affect an infant’s growth. Along with other ingredients, aluminum has often been linked to dangerous (and even deadly) conditions in infants (especially premature infants), such as NEC (necrotizing enterocolitis). Speaking of which…

What is the NEC Baby Food Lawsuit, and How Does it Affect You?


Research has continuously shown a link between cow’s milk-derived baby formulas and NEC in premature infants. With the growing evidence supporting this link continuing to pile up (even in 2024), many parents have joined lawsuits against the main manufacturers of these popular formulas (particularly against Abbott Laboratories (Similac) and Mead Johnson & Company, LLC (Enfamil).

If your premature infant was diagnosed with NEC after being fed cow’s milk-derived formulas from these companies, you likely qualify to join a class lawsuit against them that’s happening right now. For those that need help with navigating this process, the lawyers at RosenfeldInjuryLawyers are professionally trained to help you while you’re filing claims in the NEC lawsuit against these major companies.

Keep Your Baby Well-Fed and Safe in 2024

By buying one of the best three formulas we’ve listed, and avoiding dangerous ingredients (such as cow’s milk-derived formula, aluminum, and palm oil), you’ll ensure your infant can grow to the best of its ability. All new parents want the best for their babies, and with this helpful guide, you can ensure they will grow into playful, lively toddlers.