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Nowadays, you can consume herbs and buds in numerous ways. You can choose between liquids, edibles, vapes, and of course, there is also smoking. The last method is probably the most popular one, especially when it comes to novices, that is, people who have never consumed before.

Now, there are many tools you can use, but in this article, we will focus on bongs and glass blunts. The former is widely utilized, while the latter may be considered relatively new since people are used to rolling papers and regular wrap blunts. As you can see, both of these have specific pros and cons, which we will discuss, and by the end, you will decide which one is better for you.

Pros Bongs

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It doesn’t irritate your throat

The first advantage that probably comes to your mind if you have used both of these tools is that a bong is more comfortable, so to say. What are we talking about?

Well, if you have ever had a joint or used a dry pipe, you know that the biggest downside of smoking is throat irritation.

When you take a smoke, you don’t only inhale the buds but also the hot smoke that can produce a severe burning sensation. This can be quite uncomfortable, and in some cases, it is why people stay away from smoking after trying it.

However, this doesn’t occur when using a bong due to its design. Why? Well, the smoke isn’t that strong and hot because it cools down in the bongwater.

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It is easy to prepare

Another thing people love about bongs is that it only takes a few minutes to prepare them. When using blunts, first, you need to grind cannabis and then roll them. Also, you may need to add a filter if you use it. All of these steps are necessary and, in some cases, can be time-consuming.

As you probably know, this is not the case with bongs. All you have to do is put the buds in the herb bowl, light it up, and that’s it. In addition, do not forget that you won’t make any mess, which is not the case with other methods and tools, especially if you have never done it before.

It is healthier

There may be some debate regarding this statement, but hear us out. First of all, the bongwater filters many toxins and compounds, as well as tar.

Naturally, it cannot eliminate all of them, but we are talking about a considerable amount. When it comes to tar and ash, these can’t only be harmful but tasting these is also uncomfortable.

Secondly, people are usually in the habit of sharing a bong or joint, and this way, they spread bacteria and microbes from one another. The fact that the water traps and filters bacteria is another reason it is a healthier option.

Pros of Glass Blunts

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Enjoy extra taste

Now, when wondering whether you should go with a blunt instead of a bong, our advice is to choose a glass one. The thing is that these can offer a better flavor of buds, which while only boost your experience.

As you know, cannabis contains terpenes, compounds responsible for its aroma and taste. Now, when you use paper rolls or metal blunts, these can significantly contaminate the taste and give it a metallic flavor.

It is discreet

This is the main difference between bongs and blunts. The former can be quite large, which is why people only use them at home with a small circle of friends. You can’t really take it anywhere, least of all in public.

Nevertheless, this is not an issue with glass blunts. Due to their size, you can bring them anywhere you want. Still, make sure to pack the item properly when traveling to ensure it doesn’t break. Also, don’t forget the smell, so you should invest in a smell-proof container.

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Variety of designs

When it comes to this matter, when purchasing a glass blunt, you have to choose between multiple types and designs. Naturally, it all comes down to your personal preference and requirements.

You should start by visiting the Smokea website to explore some of the options and understand the basic features before making a decision. What’s more, you can also choose between various designs, which can be important to some people.

It is easy to clean

We mentioned that a bong might be a better option since you don’t have to grind the buds, but a glass blunt is a winner when it comes to aftercare and cleaning. Obviously, there are numerous cleaning products you can use, but you can also clean the blunt with salt and isopropyl alcohol.

All you have to do is soak it in the solution and leave it for an hour or so. Then, you shake it a bit to ensure that the solution reaches every part of the item, and finally, rinse it with warm water. Depending on the glass blunt you purchase, you may even get a small brush for cleaning the mouthpiece. The most important part is to ensure that it is completely dry before reassembling it. This way, you will prevent bacteria and mold from forming and spreading.

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Which is better?

Now that we have provided you with some benefits of both options, it is time to make a final verdict. Since both of these have specific advantages and disadvantages (even though we didn’t mention them), you should carefully consider them before making a decision.

For example, a glass blunt is an obvious choice when it comes to privacy. Also, if your main goal is to enjoy the flavor or terpenes, you should invest in a glass blunt since you will be able to taste even the faintest aromas, which will, of course, increase your enjoyment. On the other hand, a bong is a better choice when it comes to the amount of cannabis you have to use per session. Also, don’t forget about the health feature and the fact that the bong prevents irritation from the hot smoke.