As a timeless option that can endure several decades, hardwood flooring can increase the value of a home while at the same time suiting any interior design layout.

As a timeless option that can endure several decades, hardwood flooring can increase the value of a home while at the same time suiting any interior design layout.

Sounds pretty good, right?

When considering the purchase of new hardwood floors for your home, it is important to collaborate with a professional wood flooring installation service to make certain your project is completed to your expectations.

But, having a few questions prior to taking on such a major project is completely natural.  We have addressed some of the most frequent questions below in order to allow you to rest assured your hardwood floor installation will go swimmingly. Looking to hire a wooden flooring contractor? Reach out to us at:

In what way should my wood floor be handled and stored prior to installation?

Unloading your wood in dry weather is crucial.  When possible, it is best to unload flooring in exceptional weather and it is essential never to unload flooring when it is raining.

Too much water could cause your wood to shrink, in turn destroying your floor.

Leave your wood flooring in the room in which it is to be installed for 2 to 3 days prior so it can acclimate.

May hardwood floors be installed in any space?


It may.  Fortunately, the installation of hardwood flooring can take place in any space. Thanks to a varied selection of installation techniques and products available in today’s market, hardwood can be installed in absolutely any space in your house.

The principal choice depends on whether your floor will be installed below, on, or above ground level.   For instance, solid hardwood is better off on or above ground level due to the possible moisture issues that could occur in a basement.  Engineered floors do so much better in basements and other below-ground spaces as they are naturally dimensionally stable.

Can solid wood be installed on top of linoleum?

It can if existing linoleum is properly adhered to the subfloor below it.

Can stairs be built from solid wood?

They can, but they may be slippery so it is important to consider who will be using them.

What installation method is most effective?

Hardwood flooring installation can be performed using a variety of methods.  The subfloor type, installation location, and product type will determine which procedure is to be utilized. Floating, glue down, and nail down are three available types of installation.

What exactly is floating flooring?


In floating flooring, your flooring is spread on top of a layer of underlay. Instead of being glued or nailed to the permanent floor, individual planks get glued together. This floor then basically “floats” over the underlayment; This approach is not recommended for solid wood floors but works well with laminate flooring.

How much space should be left between the floorboards and the walls?

If you are bonding real wood to a subfloor, space that extends 15mm towards your walls will suffice. In the case of hanging installations, there must be a 5mm gap between the walls and flooring for each meter of width of installation as well as a lengthwise 15mm expansion gap.

How much waste should I calculate?

Due to strict quality control and rigorous sorting criteria it is possible that clients find material-specific peculiarities throughout the on-site process of selection and installation process and these may require elimination. As a rule, adding 7-10% on top of the overall room square footage is recommended to cover scrap cutting.

Can sunlight have an effect on flooring?

Absolutely, the wood’s color will vary as time passes. This does not necessarily mean that light-colored wood types will become lighter nor that dark wood varieties will darken. Each wood type possesses its individual process of aging and will react in a specific manner.

Questions You Must Ask Your Hardwood Floor Contractors


Are they completely covered by insurance in the installation of hardwood floors?

As you seek hardwood flooring companies, make certain these hardwood floor installers have proper licensing to install hardwood flooring in the region.

Among other problems, your warranty may be invalidated if you hire unlicensed contractors.

Additionally, make certain your contractor holds adequate insurance as this will cover you if any damages happen throughout the installation process.

What does a hardwood flooring warranty actually cover?

The majority of contractors offer a minimum of a one-year guarantee for the hardwood flooring installation they provide. But, inquiring numerous contractors about the details of their warranties could assist you in receiving the best possible value as certain guarantees may have more to offer than others.

It is possible that a contractor needs additional certification from the producer of the hardwood flooring itself or that limits may be imposed.  This information is essential in order to address any potential mistakes or repairs in the future.

This is crucial information in case of future repairs or mistakes.

How long is the estimated installation time frame?

There are a variety of reasons for which people buy new hardwood flooring.   Whether or not you want these new floors right away, it is a good idea to ask about the time frame involved in such a project.

For example, it is important to know if the contractor will relocate furniture and remove your old hardwood floors.  In the case that they will not, be sure to ask about the timeframe in order to determine what must be handled following the wood flooring installation itself.