NBA is the sport to watch right next to NFL. These two are iconic sports that have grown to be loved everywhere around the world, NBA especially.

Throughout NBA history Denver Nuggets are one of 12 teams that never won a championship. In their franchise history, they have been in the four Western Conference finals, with the most recent one being Carmelo’s Nuggets back in 2009 and the Joker’s Nuggets back in the 2020 Orlando bubble. An interesting thing about them is the fact that they have put together some interesting teams over the years but the goal of basketball is to go all the way, and this somehow eluded them the entire time.

The tides are turning and after nearly 50 years in the NBA, the championship is coming to Denver Colorado. This current Nuggets squad is the best one they’ve had in a long time and it is built around Jokic, which is why they have the second-best record in the NBA, only behind Boston Celtics. The NBA is as wide open as it’s ever been and super teams are a thing of the past meaning that there is no longer a single team that is an overwhelming favourite. Several teams this season have a legit argument on winning the title, but here we will be making the case for Denver Nuggets and if you are a betting man or a woman then make sure you give them a shot at Asianbookie Bandar Bola.

1. Nikola Jokic

If there is any year for Jokic to lead the Nuggets to the title then it is this one. Somehow the Joker is still pushing strong after two MVP Seasons, and he is getting better and better. This is the most efficient season of his career shooting over 60% from the field and his playmaking has reached an even higher level putting up a double-digit assist average. Not only is Nikola Jokic putting up the highest assist average from the centre ever, but if he beats Haliburton for the assist title he will be the first centre to lead the league in assists. This is Joker’s career season which is why this is the first reason we are claiming that the Nuggets can win the 2024 NBA Championship.

2. Jamal Murray


Nest to Joker, the undisputed star of the Nuggets, there is a co-star that has proven to be more than worthy. Jamal Murray started the year slowly coming back from the injury but he started regaining quickly and getting back his rhythm. Now, at his best Jamal is one of the top point guards in the NBA. His speed, explosiveness, and finishing at the rim have all been incredible but recently we have seen an improvement in his shooting from the deep. With Jamal and Jokic playing this well there is no way that the Nuggets can strike out this season.

3. It takes at least two


When it comes to playoffs and the teams that win the Championship, we have seen that they had two or more stars in their line-ups. This elite duo of Jokic and Murray is the main reason that shows us that the Nuggets can win this easily. If we look at the history league many of the teams that won the Championship like the Golden State Warriors, for example, are legit super teams but often a team that wins the title is the team that has a bonified superstar and a great co-star. Before the Warriors won the title last year it was the Bucks who were built around their duo of Giannis and Chris Middleton and before them the Lakers with their duo of LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Joker and Murry are a similarly great duo and they play together very well.

4. Defence


One thing that might be an issue for the Nuggets is their defence, and most of their fans would agree on this. As they are dominant up front and, on the attack, they are lacking a bit when they are on defence. Their defensive rating is 16th over the season, which is pretty bad but certainly not the end of the world. One this that brings joy to the fans of the Nuggets is the fact that they are constantly working on their defence because according to history, that is what wins the Championship. They did have a terrible start regarding this in the season but they have gotten better.

Back in December, they had one of the worst defences out there ranking 28th in defensive rating and as you can see, they managed to recuperate and rebound to the 16th spot. After that horrible Lakers game where they gave up 126 points, the Nuggets have been defending like crazy and Mike Malone managed to get them back on track. The defence boost is also due to KCP and Bruce Brown being there. they were both acquired in the off-season and they levelled up the Nuggets’ parameter defence. Both of these guys are big, strong guards willing to fight hard and defend the point of attack more than well.

5. Offence


When you look at the other end of the spectrum, their offence is second to none. Their 118 offensive rating not only ranks number one in the NBA but if maintained it will be the best offensive rating in NBA history. How is that so? Well, we already mentioned Jokic as a person that adds to this significantly, gets a lot of rebounds, manages to generate a ton of easy shots for his teammates and has great chemistry with his guards.

But this is not everything, because the Nuggets are also utilizing their three-point game where they managed to raise their 3-point shots as a team to a whopping 40%. This is mostly thanks to players like Bruce Brown, Michael Porter Jr and KCP who are all above 40% shoots from downtown. All of this adds to that historic offence where Jokic constantly generates shots for himself and his team and the teams that set double teams and traps are punished heavily with those killer three-point bombs.

So, as you can see, we listed 5 main reasons why we believe that the Nuggets will dominate and win the 2024 NBA Championship, but we also have to tell you that this is not all. We simply choose the strongest features that set them apart from others, but there is a ton of little things we skimmed through, that we might touch on sometime later.

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