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Potato is a necessary vegetable to make a variety of delicious food. Growing and harvesting potatoes are not easy tasks, and therefore, everyone buys potatoes from the market and cook food. But have you wondered how it grows and harvested? 

The farmers put their efforts and provide essential nutrients to the crops and pluck them from the soil. Nowadays, various processes done by farmers are getting simple due to the invention of advanced tools and machines.

You might have heard of potato digger or harvester. You must know how it is helpful to farmers. Nowadays, everyone wants to reduce efforts and do tasks effectively. If you are a farmer and you are growing potatoes in your field, then you must know about this machine. 

It will be helpful for you, and you can do your large-scale work in less time without putting in much effort. In the following write-up, let us know what potato diggers are and how do they work.

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About Potato Diggers

Potato harvesters or diggers are highly-advanced machines, which help in harvesting potatoes. It helps in lifting the vegetable from the ground bed with the help of a share. The crop and soil are mixed well, and all the loose soil comes out. You have to keep running the machine on the field, and you will get potatoes from the backside of the equipment.

The output from the behind of the equipment is transferred to the picking table. Things like stones, stems, vegetables, etc., are separated by hand. There is a side elevator that moves all the potatoes and keeps them in a box. This machine is also helpful for harvesting other underground plants, like carrots, radish, onion, peanut, etc.

Tehnos can help you get the harvester to simplify your tasks. You can take out potatoes from the soil on a large scale with the help of this equipment. You can save a lot of time and effort while farming this vegetable.

How Do They Work?

There is a digger web attached to the machine which helps in raising the potatoes and keep them on the sieving webs from the soil. With the help of share, it can lift the vegetable from the soil bed. 

Observe the machine backside, from which you can get all the harvested vegetables mixed with soil, stones, and debris. It is then harvested, and all the things are well-separated. The working principle is quite simple.

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Features of Potato Diggers

Multifunctional The equipment is perfect for harvesting various plants like carrots, peanuts, etc. If you are growing more than one underground plant on the same field, this machine will be useful for you. There is no need for manual effort or other machines for harvesting your crops.


Within an hour, you can use this equipment for harvesting a field of around 0.27 hectares. If we talk about the feeding capacity, then it is around 180 Kg per second. When it comes to efficiency, it is highly efficient as compared to other tools.

Broad Working Width

The working width offered by this machine is a minimum of 800 mm. The width is quite wide as compared to other tools. It means that it can lift a good number of vegetables from the ground. In less time, you will be able to cover the entire field.

Low Rate of Loss

The rate of loss of this equipment is 0.1%. It means that there is no scope of loss when it harvests any plant or crop. Every farmer looks for things, which give less or no loss. The low rate is quite essential for all the farmers.

High Adaption

You can use this machine on any soil type. It will work great on clayey, sandy soil, or roam. There is no need to waste your money buying different machines that adapt to various soils or atmospheres. By picking one great tool, you can save your money.

Great Performance

When it comes to performance, a machine should work well. According to its performance, people buy equipment. But everything is fine with this equipment. A digger can dig the soil and lift all the potatoes without affecting their peel and get your vegetables safely in your hand.

Easy to Operate

This equipment is manufactured with a compact structure. It is easy to understand all its operations. You can attach the machine to the tractor for better and fast output. It is easy to operate and get vegetables in less time without much effort.

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Maintenance Tips

  • After using this equipment, you need to remove the soil thoroughly. After every operation, the cleaning process must be done to keep it durable and long-lasting. In this way, you can increase the lifespan of the machine to use it for many years.
  • You should always check out the status of the fastener in the equipment. Ensure that there should not have any start.
  • You have to keep the machine away from rain or anything acidic. It can spoil the structure or entire body of the equipment. Oiling of the share must be done whenever you are operating the tool. It will increase its lifespan and make it safe from getting wet.

The Bottom Line

A potato digger is a necessary machine for digging and lifting potatoes from the soil. As a farmer, if you want to reduce your efforts and complete your task in less time, you should own such a machine. 

It is easy to understand and operate it and get the desired output without any manual efforts. Everyone looks for a simple technique that helps in doing the harvesting task with so much convenience. It is necessary to understand the working of the machine before buying it. 

If you know how it is helpful, you will purchase it for your field too. In the beginning, you may not understand how to operate it, but you can follow the instructions to get enough knowledge about it. Do your work smartly with highly-advanced machines.