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If you’re on the market for car insurance, then you’re probably wondering what is needed to get one. You’re also actively looking to find the best one for the best price.

But amidst all that shopping, you quickly realize that you don’t know your VIN or Vehicle Identification Number. So you ask yourself, do I need one to get car insurance?

If this is something that interests you, then fear not as we will explore the subject in greater length. So with all that said, let’s find out if you need a VIN to get car insurance.

What Is A VIN?

While the acronym is pretty easy to comprehend, that doesn’t mean we actually know what a VIN is. A Vehicle Identification Number is a unique number made out of 17 numbers and letters that are unique to your vehicle. It is like a social security number but for your car, in Layman’s terms.

Most people have no idea that this number exists, and thus have no idea where to find it. But there are a couple of places where you can find it on your vehicle. The first one is the door on the driver’s side. It could be anywhere but most display it right under the windshield. Other more common places include the radiator support bracket, the steering column, and multiple other parts that are very difficult to steal, which could jeopardize the identity of the car.

Why Is This Number Important?

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So know that we know what VIN is and where you can find it, it’s important that we talk about why it matters.

Apart from being a unique number that is used to identify your vehicle, the VIN also relays plenty of other, useful information. This information is very closely tied to the subject of our article, which is car insurance.

The VIN tells insurance companies key information regarding the car itself. This is more commonly known among people that have checked their car’s VIN number.

When doing one of these checks, you are given access to tons of information such as where the particular vehicle was manufactured, who the manufacturer is, how many owners has the vehicle had, how many accidents has it been in, how many miles has it passed, and much more.

It also gives you information about the body style, the engine type, whether or not if it’s been stolen, and much more.

This is all useful information to insurance companies. So that begs the question, can you get insurance without it? The answer is no, but let’s talk more about why.

A VIN Tells You Everything About the Car’s History

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Think of the VIN as the ultimate database for your vehicle. Whenever you take it to the repair shop, it will show what the mechanic has worked on.

Whenever an accident happens such as something totals the vehicle, it will be shown through the VIN. But it goes far deeper than that.

The VIN is a number that tells you the entire history of the particular car. All you need to do to check your car’s history is to simply use a VIN checking app and add the number to the search bar. You will most likely have to pay a small price, some charge $7 some $10 some much less. In the case of quickppsr, you can check your car’s VIN and REV easily.

A VIN Prevents Fraud

What insurance companies care about is not getting scammed. By checking the car’s VIN, they make sure everything is in order and then they can give you a quote. But it also helps them detect and prevent fraudulent activities.

Many car owners try to commit fraud by essentially deleting the VIN from their vehicles. They do this by trying to scrub it off from the areas where it’s mean to be displayed. But we’re seeing a huge change in recent years.

Namely, manufacturers are now engraving this number into the engine compartment, making it impossible to remove it and thus commit fraud.

The first thing insurance companies will do is look up the engraved number as you can very easily replace the number on the windshield with another, fraudulent one.

What Information do You Need To Get Auto Insurance?

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Let’s talk a bit about other things you’ll need to get auto insurance. We already discussed the VIN in many lengths, but that’s not the only thing you need to get auto insurance.

· Personal Information

To simply get a quote, you will need to give insurance companies your personal information. You also need to be registered as the owner of the vehicle, meaning you can’t send your son to do it for you.

· Your Driving History

We did mention this in the previous one, but it’s absolutely essential that you don’t lie about your driving history. The reason why that’s the case is that insurance companies will not give auto insurance to reckless drivers and drivers that pose a serious threat to others.

Since auto insurance protects you from various liabilities, it would work against their money if you actively look to cause accidents and have the insurance company pay for it.

If the insurance company knows about your reckless driving history, they will not give you favorable insurance. This is why it’s best that you be honest about it and try to come up with some sort of deal. Insurance companies will value your honesty instead of hiding it.


To answer it shortly, no, you cannot get auto insurance without providing the insurance company with a Vehicle Identification Number. This number is unique for every vehicle and cannot be replaced by another. It is a number that holds every bit of information related to your car. If the car’s been in an accident, to the mechanic, stolen, or anything else, it will appear on the VIN history. Also, insurance companies will formulate the quote around this information.