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There’s plenty of media we consume daily and indulge during our free time. Movies, TV shows, video games, and music are always found within our daily routine. However, sometimes we either don’t have the attention to waste on any of those or just want a different experience. For these times podcasts are a go-to for most people.

They offer a great mix of background noise and engaging conversations. We’ve seen a variety of podcasts show up during the years and play with the medium in different ways. For example, some evolved into a new age style audio dramas with continuous plots while others engage in stand-up comedy bits during the runtime of the podcast. The variety is already present and experimentation has shown to be fruitful.

Although primarily an audio medium, a podcast can take on visual aspects as well. This is usually referred to as a video podcast. There are multiple ways to work it into a podcast while improving the existing content. Before we elaborate on the benefits of video in podcasts let’s see the benefits of regular podcasts as a medium.

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Strengths of podcasts as a medium

There are reasons why podcasts became so popular. These stem from its inherent strengths that keep podcasts stay in our subscription boxes years after first listening to them. Down below we will look through a few benefits of standard podcasts.

They are heavily reliant on hosts’ personalities and have a personal aspect to them

Podcasts live and die by the personality of their hosts. If your podcast has a colorful cast of people with interesting stories to tell and trivia to splice into the runtime it’s more likely the podcast itself will get successful. That’s what usually gets us to return for new episodes, the connection we feel with the hosts. It also offers the audience a sense of connection to the hosts as stories and behavior are a pretty unfiltered showcase of their personality. An overall benefit of this is that audience feels engaged with the personality, creating a more relatable medium than any of the other ones.

Easy to consume and convenient all around

There’s barely any time spent on getting a podcast on your device. Subscribing usually leads to automatic downloads and they can be listened to at any point. The added benefit is their nature of focusing on the audio aspect as the added material, such as pictures or links, is scarce.

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Great time fillers and background noise

Whether we are traveling or working, podcasts offer a good way of filling the empty air with some chatter. This benefit is additionally emphasized in the current age where everybody has a phone with a lot of storage on it. Even if you are going to the store it’s easy to put the podcast on to make dull chores run by faster.

The podcast production companies and evolving the medium with video

To easily create video podcasts properly and get started on a good note try using services like Poddster as they provide ample resources and assistance to the process of making podcasts. These services can alter already existing shows by giving them a new coat of paint. The easiest way to do so is by maintaining the current benefits the medium has and fleshing them out further.

Adding video elements to your podcasts can very easily do this to the aforementioned strengths. The sense of personal connection to the hosts and their stories is further emphasized when we can see the reactions on their faces, their body language, or overall behavior during a podcast. The way they act during jokes or stories that involve them adds a level of depth and enjoyment to first as well as repeat listens.

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In terms of convenience and ease of consumption, nothing changes. The users are still able to download the podcast in audio style and get it quickly onto their device through automatic downloads induced by subscribing. It also doesn’t hamper its innate focus on audio as most of the content will be equally as potent while having the ability to add more tidbits when you are watching the video form of the podcast.

Video has the benefit of improving repeat listens of the podcasts, as there’s more material in it to consume. The greatest quality of podcasts, which is filling in quiet times during obligations, is also not hampered by the video aspect. If anything, an occasional glance during some visual additions to the podcast offers us a small respite from long engagement work.

Contacting a podcast production company for a change of this magnitude is also recommended, as a whole other venue of understanding video editing as well as how cameras should be placed is included in the preparation required for adding a video element. Seamless editing is also a lot harder with visuals to consider as well so engaging in tutorials and production services is heavily recommended.


While the style may not be to everybody’s liking, video is a very decent addition to the medium despite it being primarily audio utilizing one. It doesn’t intrude on the already established way podcasts operate while sprinkling in enough interesting concepts to engage both old and new subscribers.

There’s a multitude of additional bits you can do with video being included in your podcasts. Props can be a nice addition to some of the stories and segments that slightly dip into a more visual field of description, visual gags and references can be added for those subscribers who like such tidbits.

There are so many available services and information readily available on the internet to make this a lot less of a hassle than it would be if you were trying to do it from the ground up. Visit as an additional free resource.

The fact of the matter is, these podcasts have already proved successful over and over again, giving more credibility to the whole matter and a sense of security when going into this category. It’s worth a shot and contact with a video podcast company can also yield interesting new concepts for you to utilize.