The dramatics behind the steep rise of the cryptocurrency demand move well with the market and the need for investors to begin trading in something more than what has been available in the market. If you have had or possess a bitcoin, you might be thinking about whether the profits could make it to your bank account.

Is it possible to transfer this to your bank account?

Absolutely yes!

There are many speculations that the traditional currency has seen its replacement in the form of a currencies like the bitcoin. But, the future is too dynamic to predict, so certainly. Bitcoin investments are currently high, and its view as a commodity will expand its demand and value in the upcoming time. So, as a bitcoin holders, many people would want to move forward with its holding for this reason. Also, if the sale deal offers a profit, you might feel like transferring it to your bank account there and then.

Moving Crypto Into A Bank Account


There are several ways of converting your bitcoin into cash.

Now, let’s discuss the basic process of transferring the bitcoin to your bank account, where you can store it and deal with it the way you want to deal with it. The process is similar to currency conversion. However, you should take the right step.

The first step is ensuring you are trading in bitcoin through platforms like Also, you should ensure that your bank account is with a bank that allows such transactions.

Understanding the bitcoin transfer will be easy if you have seen currency conversions at the airport. So, bitcoin is not in the currency of your home country. Hence, changing is the only way you can trade with its help. Now, you need to sell the bitcoin and buy the same amount in any currency of your preference.

Now, the important point to notice here is that currency conversions are based on the country’s economic factors and other inputs like government schemes and banking instructions. If you want to convert your bitcoin into cash, all you need to check is the demand pattern.

Many parties would want to invest their money by buying bitcoin. You need to spot the one that can offer the most profitable deal to you. The buying and selling parties should be on the same page for the bitcoin trading transaction.

In simple words, transferring the bitcoin by converting it into the ideal currency is how you can maintain its liquidity in the monetary form. Further, you can encash it on the requirement. The exchange process is simple because of the following reasons:

  • Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies are devoid of the control of the government in most places.
  • The exchange process is a private deal and hence, happens within the interested parties only.
  • The world economic structures do not mediate the process related to the bitcoin trade.

Methods Of Cashing Out


The main avenues while converting bitcoin into real money and storing it at various storage places are as follows:

  • You can reach out to a trusted exchange broker who will set a transaction rate. You have to pay the rate and get your bitcoin converted into cash. The steps are simple, and you need not worry as the process is secure.

However, before paying the transaction fees, you should check the following points:

Decide the party you want to go with and their past experience in such transactions. It should be the base for your choice. There are many popular options; you can go with anyone you like. Apart from that, you should sign-up for the verification process and be a part of the deal to get first-hand experience. You should know about the laws that allow certain applications for services related to converting bitcoin into money. You should use those platforms for a better and hassle-free experience.

Another thing to consider is the withdrawal time which can be between 4-6 days.

  • Another way is to opt for peer-to-peer transactions that ensure that the bitcoin is sold and converted into cash after completing the transaction. It is a fast process.

Such platforms are fully functional. They offer a higher degree of anonymity as the contact is directly established within the parties that opt for trading with the help of these platforms. It is a safe platform as you know what you do, and the transaction status is available. But, it is better to take some precautions for security rather than leaving information and transaction details open, for it may serve as a direct invitation to the fraudsters.

These platforms secure the transaction and information belonging to the parties from such breachers. Hence, it would help if you looked for a platform that allows the parties to do bitcoin locking. Bitcoin locking means that the bitcoin is stored on these platforms and stays over there until the party moves forward with the confirmation of payment followed by the updation of the payment status update. Both parties can develop trust in each other with this feature.

However, while signing up, you should specify the buyer’s location and move forward with the transaction only after the trade request has been accepted. It would help if you had good research of the marketplace that will help you make profitable decisions.

Many platforms can be used for advertisement creation. Also, they welcome feedback. Hence, you know that the experience will be unique and better the next time you visit them.

Points To Consider


However, there are certain pitfalls that you should be aware of that are discussed as follows:

  • The taxation laws bind the profit income earned with such a transaction. It means that there is a certain tax percentage that you need to pay.
  • There is an exchange fee that most of the accounts offering bitcoin to money services charge. Hence, you should pay for that. But, authenticity verification before the payment process is a must.
  • The third parties involved in the process offer a long process. But, it does not mean that there is any fraud. You can use a secured third-party platform to transfer money to your financial source.


So, these are how you can convert your digital currency into cash and store it anywhere you prefer. However, it would help if you were cautious while dealing with online transactions and hence, choose the ones that are experienced, authentic, and well-versed with the whole process.