Sports betting is among the prevalent forms of gambling out there. If you take a look at some studies and research you will see that most people prefer this form to others. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense since millions of people from all over the globe follow sports. When they have the right knowledge about a certain discipline, they want to make the most out of it through gambling.

Naturally, that doesn’t mean that this can guarantee you will establish a steady level of income, as is the case with any other sort of gambling out there. Still, this is a good pastime since it is quite entertaining. The reason is quite simple, the level of uncertainty is quite high. Therefore, it is a good way to pass some time you have on your hands and still be able to earn some money in the process.

In this day and age, sports betting is more accessible than ever before. Think about it, the introduction of the internet has made so many things much easier, and sports betting is no exception. Online sports betting has become quite popular as a result. Today, we want to present you with the sports betting calendar for 2024. That way you will understand what are the tournaments that require your attention.

English Premier League


After the end of the World Cup, national championships have continued, and probably the most interesting one on the old continent is the English Premier League. The current season has become quite interesting since the race for the title has become quite steep since there are many contenders. We can all agree that the battle for the title is going to be led mainly between Arsenal and Manchester City.

The current season continued at the end of December, and as usual, we have seen the exciting boxing day, which is always highly entertaining. The teams have players who have just returned from the World Cup and they had a lot to work with during the first couple of matches. But now we can see that we are heading toward the end of the season.

On the other side, the relegation battle is going to be interesting as well. When the season ends, then the pause between two seasons lasts three months. The new season will start in August 2024. The teams will sign players that will make their squads stronger, which will once again make for another entertaining season down the road. We have no doubt it will be entertaining as the current one.

French Open 2024

Traditionally, French Open is organized at the end of May, every season. In 2024, the tournament will start on the 28th of May. The previous tournament has been quite interesting since it marked the return of Rafael Nadal, who was the one who won the tournament after many years. However, we can all see that the one organized in 2024 is going to be much more intense.

Even though the appearance of Rafael Nadal in this tournament was uncertain since he had major problems with injuries, he is healthy enough to appear. It’s his favorite tournament after all, don’t you agree? Besides Nadal, we can see that the appearance of his main contenders for the title will certainly make the tournament quite interesting. We are talking about names such as Djokovic, Alcaraz, or Tsitsipas.

The same can be said about the woman’s French Open tournament. Among many women players who will appear on it this year, the favorite to win it is Iga Swiatek. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be an easy ride for them since there are many other competent ones, which will also make an appearance such as Ons Jabeur, Cori Gauff, and Maria Sakkari. With that in mind, you can be sure it’s going to be interesting.

UEFA Champions League


The top-tier continental tournament in Europe is UEFA Champions League. Every year, the best teams from all the national leagues are competing in this continental tournament. We would say that this tournament is the best European and global football can offer. The current season is quite interesting since we can see that the teams who have managed to pass the group stages and the first knockout round haven’t done it frequently in the past.

At the moment, we are about to witness the quarter-finals of the Champions League. The teams that have made it to this stage of the competition are Benfica, Inter, Manchester City, Bayern, AC Milan, Napoli, Real Madrid, and Chelsea. The first matches of the quarter-finals are going to be played on the 11th and 12th of April. The rematches will occur on the 18th and 19th of the same month.

So far, the favorites to reach the final are Real Madrid and Napoli. The final match of the tournament will be held in Istanbul, at the Ataturk Stadium. What is interesting to point out is that we already know what stadiums will be used for final matches in the years to come. In 2024, Wembley will host the final match, and in 2025, the final match will be played in Munich.

Wimbledon 2024

Another tournament that will attract a lot of attention this year is Wimbledon. The most prestige tournament in the world of tennis is, once again, going to be the place where the best players in the world are gathering to compete for the title. The first match of the tournament will be played on the 3rd of July. The main favorite to win the tournament is the previous season’s winner, Novak Djokovic.

Besides Djokovic, we can see that bookmakers are considering Matteo Berrettini, Carlos Alcaraz, and Daniil Medvedev to be the favorites. When it comes to the women’s tournament, we can see that Iga Swiatek, Aryna Sabalenka, Elena Ryabkina, and Ons Jabeur are the favorites.



Knowing what are the tournaments that will occur in 2024 makes it easier for us to plan our future bets. Here are the most important tournaments you should take a look at.