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Wearing perfect sunglasses can make you stylish and enhance your personality. Ray-Ban is one of the popular sunglass brands. You need to spend a lot of money to own such a brand. There are chances of getting fake copies of the original sunglasses.

If you find the brand’s name on the product, it does not mean that it is real. You need to consider other things to confirm its genuineness. When you are spending money on Ray-Ban eyewear, it is necessary to check whether it is real or not. Many customers believe that the sunglasses they buy from a store are genuine when they are available at an expensive price.

But not every product is real, and every store sells the right products to their customers. You need to spot differences to determine whether you are buying the real one or not. In the following write-up, we will discuss various ways to tell the truth from fake Ray-ban glasses.

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1. Check the Glass Lenses

Many brands manufacture sunglasses made with tinted fiber. But Ray-ban is known to produce sunglasses made with glass. It is a simple difference that anyone can point out in the fake one. The ones made with tinted fiber are available at a low cost, and hence, you cannot get the original one at a low price.

If you want to check the product’s authenticity, you need to tap on it and note whether it is made up of glass or not. If you do not feel like it is glass, you should leave that item and look for the original one.

2. Check the Ray-Ban Logo

The real Ray-Ban sunglasses have a logo or symbol of RB on the top right side of the glass. You need to scratch the logo. If it is removed by scratching, then it is the fake one. You can also see the RB engraved on the plastic nose padding to ensure genuineness.

It is necessary to check the Ray-Ban frames to find the engraved symbol or logo. It is hard to scratch them off, and hence, it proves the realness of the product. You must check the logo’s spelling, font, and color to ensure its genuineness.

3. Check the Model Number on the Left Temple Arm

If you are buying a real pair of sunglasses, you must check the left temple arm of your Ray-Ban frame. You will see the symbol RB with the model number. You will also get the lens code with the metal details.

The entire information is engraved on the frame arm, and you cannot scratch it off. If you have a fake pair of eyewear, there will be no details on the armor; you can easily scratch it. You can also confirm the details online and know your buying model.

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4. Check the Nose Bridge

The metallic connector that joins two lenses is the nose bridge. You can check the genuineness of the product on the reverse side of the nose bridge. Ensure that you check the engraved details on the frame and see whether the brand name and code are mentioned.

You will see the complete name of Ray-Ban with the model number. You need to match the code number of the nose bridge from the left temple arm. Matching the nose bridge details of the sunglasses is quite crucial to ensure their genuineness.

5. Consider the Retail Packaging

When you buy a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses, you need to check the packaging carefully. The cover will be of good quality to protect the glasses. There must be the brand logo on the left side of the cover.

Check the spellings, font, color, alignment, and position of the logo to ensure that you are buying a genuine item. If you buy fake ones, you will neither get the sunglasses in proper packaging nor genuine.

6. Check the Details of the Manufacturer

Before purchasing any branded item, you must know everything about it, including its history. When it comes to Ray-Ban, it is quite an old brand, manufactured by Bausch and Lomb. But in 1999, Luxottica, an Italia brand, took over this product and started manufacturing the aviators of Ray-Ban.

The name Luxottica is carried with this brand as its symbol. Many fake brands do not know about this fact, and hence, they miss adding some crucial details. If you want to check the product’s authenticity, make sure that you check the Luxottica name over it.

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7. Check the Price and Confirm with the Original One

Before you choose and confirm any pair of sunglasses, you need to check the price and confirm it with the real one. You can find the product’s actual price on Google and decide whether to buy it or not. Many manufacturers can fool you by selling fake products at low prices.

Ray-Ban products are pretty expensive, and hence, you can easily decide whether you should purchase them or not. But in many cases, you will find satisfactory prices for the glasses, but they may not be real because they will not match the original one. Therefore, you need to check the price of sunglasses before you confirm buying them.

Final Thoughts

It is easy to tell the real from fake Ray-Ban glasses by considering the mentioned factors. There are many chances that you get fooled by many manufacturers. But if you spend some time noting mentioned points, you will spend money on the genuine product. Buying a fake pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses is not okay at an expensive price.

Therefore, you need to be careful while purchasing eyewear from any random store. It is easy to spot the differences when you know everything about a genuine product. If you want to dress stylishly, you need to be careful while choosing any brand.

You cannot wear any pair of sunglasses without knowing whether it is real or not. You cannot afford to spend money on any fake item. If you want more details about the Ray-Ban sunglasses collection, you must visit