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The term escort is being used more and more and the term prostitute less and less. There are several reasons for this, the most important of which is that a prostitute has always been known as a woman, who offers sexual services in exchange for money. On the other hand, an escort can be a man or a woman. This is a symptom of the changes taking place in the sex sector, but it is not the only one.

Nowadays, young and not so young people, as a general rule, do not have sex as a taboo, something that was not the case in previous generations. Sex without commitment is common and more than normalised.

It’s true that there are still some leftovers from past generations and there is always a tendency to judge a woman more if she has sporadic relationships with different people without having a commitment with them. But the passage of time is softening these behaviours and thoughts. It is becoming more and more normal.

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Many people don’t see a big difference between offering escort services and sleeping with another person they have just met at a club, at the beach, or on Tinder. So, why not take advantage of it?

This thought leads many people to start in the world of paid sex. Moreover, it is a profession that can undoubtedly earn a good amount of money. That is why it is also often a temporary option for those who need to earn a sum of money in a short period of time to pay for university or, for example, to be able to pay for the purchase of a house.

When talking about sexual services, one probably thinks of prostitution and, almost unintentionally, the thought is of exploitation or human trafficking. But nowadays, people who want to offer sexual services do not have to be in a brothel or on the street with a pimp around the corner… No!

What has changed in sexual services?

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Long gone are the days when prostitution was limited to the streets and nightclubs. Yes, of course you can still see this kind of prostitution. We have to be aware that it is probably the oldest profession in the world, and things don’t change overnight. But erotic advertisement websites offering sexual services are revolutionising the industry.

An erotic advertisement website, or adult dating network, is an online portal where users can freely place their advertisement. This means that they can set their own price, offer only the sexual services they are comfortable with, and set prices and times to suit them.

The importance of the erotic advertisement website

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The portal containing the advertisements is only a simple means to advertise (in case the person is looking to offer services), or to facilitate the contracting of sexual services (for users looking for someone to have sex with). Under no circumstances does it have the power to demand prices or certain services, as this would be more like a brothel, and it is far from being one. It only has the obligation to prevent any underage person from posting an ad.

This is where the importance of the website comes in. Although there are more and more websites of this type, it is important to know how to choose the one where there is a control of advertisements and a professional seriousness behind the company. This is a delicate issue.

One of the best examples is Skokka, one of the first online portals dedicated exclusively to contain classified erotic ads. It is probably the largest website in the sector, as it is present in more than 25 countries around the world.

The United Kingdom is not an exception. That is why young escorts from any city in the UK can now advertise on there and work in a safer and freer way.

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Latin American countries are the ones who have taken advantage of this opportunity the most. That is why places like Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina… already have thousands and thousands of escorts advertising their services. An example of the number of people who can advertise in a big city are the Bogotá escorts, who fill several pages of ads, with thousands of new ones every day.

Moreover, since the emergence of COVID around the world, many of these advertisers have had to reinvent themselves and start from scratch due to the lack of physical contact and the problems that have arisen in this regard. This is why it has seen an increase in the use of the word “video” in its advertisements during these months of the pandemic.

Users are looking for a way to stay in contact with their advertisers but at the same time, without putting themselves in danger. In the UK, for example, the word “video” in ads is here to stay, accounting for 10.16% of total searches.

It is a word that has made a new appearance during these months of confinement in homes all over the world. A word that suggests that neither users nor advertisers want to give up pleasure. And that is why the search for new “safe” options for it is here to stay among all the adult advertising portals.

What are users looking for in a country like the UK?

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On a site like this, ads can be filtered by region, city and neighbourhood. But not only that, but also by category.

The categories may vary slightly depending on the country, in the UK for example the categories are:

  • escorts
  • erotic massages
  • transsexual
  • male escorts
  • adult meetings

To see the tastes of British society, the website provides us with data on the most visited categories on its website.

These are exclusively from the United Kingdom. Probably in other countries it could change, but usually the escort category is the most important one.

In short, the paid sex industry is changing so that there is less exploitation and more freedom in the profession, thanks to erotic advertising websites.