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As we all know, every World of Warcraft expansion provides some unique content to the loyal fan base. It makes perfect sense why Blizzard’s developers have opted for this approach. Just think about it, the game was initially released back in 2004, and it has managed to stay relevant to the present day, mainly thanks to these expansion packs.

When you take a look at statistics presented by reputable agencies, you’ll see that there are millions of people out there who play this game every day. So, if this is not an indicator of its popularity, we don’t know what is. One of the most interesting contents out there is dungeons.

They are present in the WoW universe for quite some time, but people are still excited about playing these.  What’s characteristic for Shadowlands, the latest installment in the franchise, is that these dungeons now have another level of difficulty, known as mythic+.

Only the strongest of characters can participate in these and expect to receive something positive in return. Today, we would like to shine a light on a couple of important factors any player should understand about mythic+ dungeons.

Let’s take a look at a couple of these.

What Can You Expect of Mythic+?

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The first question someone who doesn’t have any experience playing World of Warcraft would ask is, why they should play mythic+? As we’ve mentioned, this is an added level of difficulty. But that doesn’t mean that this sort of challenge will be the only thing they can expect to receive.

Alongside the fact that opponents and bosses will be significantly harder to beat, players can get some exceptional results. Since only the strongest characters out there can participate in dungeon raids, there is a minimum required level. To participate in these, the character needs to be at least 180.

Naturally, it is possible to take part in some lower difficulties, but for mythic+, it is not possible below this level. Therefore, invest your efforts and a lot of time into reaching these. Besides that, make sure to equip the character properly.

However, the most important thing to point out is that the bosses are much harder to beat than those you have faced in any previous expansion. In some of these, there are more than ten bosses to beat. It is interesting to see that there are no guarantees that the last one you encounter will be the most challenging.

Instead, there are many examples of some others being that hard to beat. Sometimes, it would hurt to have a help of a boost during these fights. If you want to take a look at one of these, check

Another thing that players can expect from mythic+ is that the correlation between bosses and other enemies will be on a much higher level. It means that beating groups or waves of enemies during a boos fight will not be as easy as it was. So, it is obvious that mythic+ is something that will provide many new values to the gameplay. We believe that all the fans of this universe enjoy it.

How Much Time do You Need for These?

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Little is known about the fact that the level of difficulty directly impacts how much time you will need to complete them. For instance, completing those on a normal level will take roughly half an hour, depending on how competent the group is. If it has all the most important classes that provide an upper hand. When we take a look at some mythic+ dungeons, they can last for up to an hour and a half.

By comparing these two, it becomes clear that the difficulty of these plays a crucial role, no matter how experienced and cohesive the team is. There’s one interesting case. A dungeon known as a lower blackrock spire can last for two and a half hours. You’ll agree with the fact that all members of the team should have their focus on the highest possible level during these, which is not always an easy thing to do.

How Often Can We Loot Mythic?

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The next important question we would like to address is how many times someone can loot these dungeons. Once again, the difficulty plays a crucial role. Normal dungeons can be raided as much as you want, and there’s no limit on how many times you can do it per day.

With mythic+ dungeons, the situation is somewhat complicated. For instance, some of them can be replayed countless times, as long as one team member has a keystone to open it. In some other cases, this is not possible after some time passes, usually about ten hours.

The same can be said about looting. Since those who participate in these can expect to receive some exceptional gear, it wouldn’t be reasonable if they could replay these dungeons whenever they want, and still get as much of these items as they want. Sure, they can replay, but they cannot count on the gear.

It needs to be said that this looting is an essential factor for the whole team. Just think about it, maybe one member can get some piece of gear that can make it significantly stronger, which will provide numerous benefits both for that character and the whole team.

That’s why team cohesion and generosity between teammates are the most significant factors to fulfill. If you function as a team and watch each other’s back, there’s a chance that you will unbeatable, no matter what sort of bosses and enemies you are about to face down the road.

In Conclusion

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It’s safe to say that mythic+ dungeons are exceptional content that can keep players entertained for countless hours. Not to mention that players who have experienced this countless times still see them as entertaining. In this article of ours, you can check a couple of relevant factors that can provide you with answers to the most important questions about these, like how many times is possible to loot these dungeons.