A mirror is more than just a showpiece in your home that reflects light. They add to the beauty of your home. Also, if you install them in a small home, it creates an illusion that there is more space in the room, while also increasing the amount of light that enters the interior.

They play a significant role in adding the brightness of your room, and thus you must purchase a high quality one. But, how do you distinguish between a bad quality and a good quality one? Well, do not worry! This article will help you make an informed choice.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Mirror


Make sure to buy one that is made up of a high quality glass. The finest glass has no irregularities that might distort the image. Are you looking forward to buying a high quality mirror? Check out the ones at

The quality of the glass is critical, but the overall quality of it can typically be evaluated by its thickness. There are a few standard thicknesses available if you’re seeking a high-quality one for your house. Make sure to buy the thickest one if you want the best quality mirrors.

Also, with a good quality one, you need not worry about the surface you stick it on. As the glue dries, it will mold to any imperfections in the wall. You should keep this in mind. As a result, before purchasing one, take the time to correct any discrepancies in your wall.

Coatings Used

Generally, the backside of the mirror is coated with reflective coatings such as silver, mercury etc. Silver coating is considered to be the best. Thus, ensure to buy one which has this coating.

The ultimate way to pick a good quality one is to speak with a professional glass firm about your expectations for its quality of reflection and expected lifespan. Low-quality and cheap ones may be found at local shops and marketplaces. It is thus essential to contact a good glass store if you are seeking high-quality products.

No Distortions

A good quality one does not distort the quality of image it produces and it reflects the light in the best way possible. Also, there are no double reflections of a single object.

You need to also ensure that it doesn’t distort or seem twisted from any angle which generally occurs if it’s a very inexpensive one. Turning it to the side might also reveal an issue.

If you can easily see through the coatings and get glimpses of the glass, it is a strong indication that you have been fooled by the seller.  Those of good quality are usually placed on materials such as wood and plywood, which makes it difficult to look at the glass.

The Support

The surface it is placed on plays an important role in determining the quality of the item. Ensure that it has a robust frame and is backed by sturdy materials. Also, in the absence of a good frame, the item might bend within a few years of use.

Make sure to buy one that has a hardwood coating. This significantly enhances its stiffness and keeps it from bending over time. Buy an item that has a sturdy frame, thick glass, and robust support.

The Ruler Experiment

It must be thick and sturdy, as well as straight. You can use the ruler test if you’re shopping in person.  Use a long scale and keep it at a ninety degree angle to the item. Now verify whether the frame is straight or not.

Let’s assume you’re in the midst of a shop, and you see a mirror that has your heart. Before taking it back home ask yourself a few questions: Is the frame straight, or does it seem to be somewhat warped? The answers to these questions will help you choose the right one.

The Three Hundred And Sixty Degree Assessment

Stand in front of the mirror and now twirl around. This is known as doing a three hundred and sixty degree test. If the visual is somewhat inaccurate, you can generally tell that the item is of poor quality. Cheaper ones offer a great front-on perspective, but things generally seem weird from the side.

Steer Clear Of Refurbished Ones

Age plays an important role in determining the quality of a mirror. Ensure that it does not look like it has been used for quite a few years and has been passed over a few hands. Sellers generally buy old mirrors, paint them fresh and sell them as new ones. Check whether the mirror forms a warped image or not. If it does, it is either a cheap one or a refurbished one.

No Splits And Cracks


Do not buy a broad mirror. People are of the notion that a broad one is a good quality one but this is not the case. A broad one might break or split in some time because of pressure. Check the thickness of mirrors before purchasing them. Purchase long-lasting ones with a thickness that suits their breadth. Such mirrors are less prone to cracking or splitting.


Unfortunately, one that checks all of these boxes is unlikely to be inexpensive. However, a truly excellent one is well worth it. Picking one based on pricing might be a negative long-term option

Not all of them are created in an equal manner. Some are of greater quality as compared to the others. The ones of higher quality will produce better reflections than the low quality ones.

Check whether the image formed is warped or not. Also, check the thickness of your item. It is one technique to determine its quality. But it isn’t the only way to reflect quality.

The size, frame, and form of a mirror all influence its quality and, as a result, whether you appear better or worse in it. If you want one that will last a long time, you should invest in a high-quality mirror.