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In reality, whether you are in school or work, articles are inevitable. They are a part of day-to-day living. One way or another, you have to develop your writing skills because you will need them in the future. There is a website available any time there is a need for writing assistance. Do not be unmotivated and quit writing. Some things are just difficult in the beginning. Taking the first can be the hardest one, but it is also the most important one to make your way to your goal. If you want to be good at writing, start now and do not stop. For more details on how to improve your writing skills, you can check ScribeMedia, and here are more tips on how to improve your writing skills.

● Read the work of different writers.

Each writer has different writing techniques. Great writers do not follow a fixed rule to make their writing great. If you do not know where to start improving your writing skills, dive into the works of a different writer. Please take note of their styles and techniques and apply them to your own writing process. Do not stick to one writer. Explore other writers and combine different methods that you think are the easiest and most suitable for you. Pattern your writing process on their works until you develop your own brand of writing. There are so many things to learn from different people. Expand your knowledge and build your skill.

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● Know your weaknesses

There is no shame in knowing what things you are not good at are. The first step at being good at something is to know where to start to improve. If you are having a hard time using proper English, read books. Take note of the choice of words of different authors. If you commonly write in long passages and have a hard time simply your sentences, you can take a master class or attend seminars. The start of improvement is knowing where to fix it. Take your time master the things you are not good at. One skill at a time, stop pressuring yourself to be a better writer in a short time. Writing is a skill the requires a lot of time before one can master it. Enjoy the learning process and take your time.

● Practice makes perfect

Do not stop writing even if no one reads your work. Write essays and follow simple techniques until you can write without a guide. If you can write simple articles flawlessly, upgrade your skills. There is always room for improvement. In due time all this practicing will yield good results. So, grab a blank paper and pen and write your heart’s content. Practice is the key to improve essay writing skills.

● Know the structure of your writing

An essential tip on how to become a better essay writer is now the structure of your article. You cannot jot down everything you think of without logical consistency. There should a flow you thought can follow. Present them in an organized and concise manner. The basic structure of most essays is typically divided into three parts: The introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

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  1. Introduction: The introduction is the part where you pose the problem to your readers. This is also the part where you try to get their attention. You can use short stories, anecdotes, quotations to hook your audience. Starting your essay with a powerful opening will attract more readers. Give them a clear overview of the topic and the critical point you will discuss in your writing.
  2. The body: The body of the essay is where you lay out your arguments in a logical manner. Drive straight to the point and avoid going in a circle. When you want to prove a point to your audience, make sure to present accurate and authentic facts. You can use publications or research as citations for your claims. Using factual statements will make your paper more credible.
  3. The conclusion: When you start your essay strong, you should also finish it strong. The conclusion summarizes all the main points of your paper and ties all of them together. The audience should see how all your ideas are interrelated. An excellent conclusion can make your audience think and ponder about the things you discussed in your article. It answers the questions you posed in the beginning and also opens the door for other possibilities.
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● Let others critic your work

Another tip on how to improve your essay writing is constructive criticism. Show others your work and ask them what the things you can do more are. You should not feel bad when someone corrects you. Let it be a teaching moment, another room for improvement. You can let a language teacher read your works and ask if you used proper English writing. You can let journalism students read your work and ask for advice on the point you can develop more. It can be a choice of words, tone, or point of view. Take note of these comments and continue practicing. Let the comments and suggestions be a learning opportunity for you as an aspiring writer.

● Improve your writing skills one step at a time

If you are beginning writing, there are many skills you would like to improve on. Do rush the process of your improvement. If you are struggling with writing techniques the most, focus on that. Take a class, attend seminars and workshops. After improving on a particular skill, that is the only time you move on to the next. Taking up more than you can handle will be stressful and difficult. You can end up not enjoying the process at all and picking up nothing in the experience. Improve is not a race. It is a journey and one that you should learn and enjoy.

Improving your essay writing skill will require you to invest time and patience. This is not a task you can do overnight. You can be doing this over and over again and still not be good at it. But remember, you only fail when you quit. So, pick up a pen and paper and start writing your way to success. The first step on improvement is to start doing.