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The corn wine is a relatively new and not patented product, that is gaining popularity right now. We all know that wine is made of fermented grapes, through a long process of distillation, brewing, and bottling. Practically, the sweet corn wine is not really wine, since it’s not made of grapes. But, those who brew it for themselves claim it may have a lot of health benefits. Generally, fermented beverages, like ciders have many benefits related to your gut health.

Since it’s not made in commercial wine places, people are preparing this one at home. Read more about the secrets of winemaking from different ingredients, and you will be surprised how fast the local farmers can go with their creativity and skills, and create something delicious and beneficial from every product they obtain from the garden. Sweet corn wine is also known as country wine. You need a big pot with a vessel for fermentation, preferably glass or ceramic, since plastic and metals can release toxins into the mixture. Cooking spoon to stir the mixture. Another pot for transferring the liquid, bottles, corks, and of course, a nice, but still breathable coverage.

There are a few recipes, and we will provide a basic one, and additional ingredients too:

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  • 900 grams of sugar
  • 14 cobs of pickled sweet corn
  • 125 milliliters fresh orange juice
  • 1 teabag of black tea, for tannin
  • A few raisins (not more than 10)
  • 5 grams of sweet wine yeast
  • 3.5 liters of water

You can even add cinnamon or other spices, dried apricots or figs, orange and lemon peel, brown sugar, or even corn syrup to decrease the amounts of sugar in the beverage.

First, you need to cook the cobs in water to cover them all. You will need a bigger pot, or you can do it in a smaller, and separate the amounts, but keep all the water, as you boil them at high temperatures. Pour the corn water in the big pot, add the sugar, mix it nicely, add a few of the cobs too, and cover with a breathable cloth. Add two layers of in, just in case. The next day transfers it to the other pot, to clean this one. Add the starter, the tea, dried fruit, and leave it for a couple of days like that. The corn contains enough natural sugar to start the fermentation, and the other ingredients will bring it to active bubbling, also known as alcoholic boiling.

According to those who regularly make it, it tastes more like cider and may have pretty many benefits for your overall health, including:

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Prevention of gastritis issues

Fermented products are excellent for our body, because they are rich in ferments, probiotics, and active acids that help our stomach digest the food better, and improve the way intestines work. That results in regular emptying the stomach, without leaving “dirt” inside.

It’s dietetic

Even though it contains a lot of sugar, it’s fermented, and fermented products are rich in vitamins and minerals. It can be a nice addition to your diet, so you can have made up for those nutrients without taking supplements.

Resolves the constipation

As it helps you digest the food nicely, it also boosts the work of intestines, making them cleaner. It also dissolves constipation, and helps you “let all those things go far away”.

Reduce cholesterol

A lot of people who eat greasy food and drink alcohol have cholesterol problems too. The sweet corn wine won’t resolve it immediately, but controlled drinking can be pretty beneficial for this one.

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Takes care of your gallbladder

Keeping your gallbladder healthy is crucial for the metabolism, and releasing the excess liquids from your body easily.

Promotes the skin health

As you start drinking it, you will see that acne scars are getting brighter, the hair is stronger, and the dandruff issues are almost completely fixed. It boosts cell regeneration, improving the overall texture and the appearance of the tan.

People who work on their farms know a lot of interesting things, especially how to turn the goods they get to other goods that are beneficial for their health.

The corn wine can’t be found on the counter in the stores, but if you want to buy it, you can visit some local farms to make it for you (if they have enough ingredients for that).

Keep in mind that the fresh product will make sediments, and you will need to put the liquid in another pot, even though it’s not harmful to you. Freshly made corn wine can last up to a week. If the fermentation continues longer than that, it can be bottled and conserved, so it can last longer.

Some people use honey instead of sugar, so they can improve the taste. The preparation is simple and doesn’t take days until the whole product is done. Using raw and organic ingredients can only increase its value. According to some sources, the farmers are trying to patent this product for mass production, in order to promote it to the fans of the fermented drink. Surely, there is space for more improvements and different recipes, that can even boost the nutritional values of this product.

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The sweet corn wine, which is also known as country wine, is maybe something new to the general market, but the farmers know it very well, and maybe a lot of them have unique recipes and approaches when preparing it. The health benefits are present, but they still have to be examined and well-researched, so the science can back them up.

It’s pretty easy to prepare it at home, but if you aren’t sure, you can ask for a recommendation, and help some farmers earn more from their work, by preparing it for you. In most cases this product is organic, and there are no additives inside – which means you are using the best of nature.

Enjoy the unique taste, and if you have a chance, grab a few more bottles, because you will indeed like it.