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In order to have all the rights of the country in which we currently live, we need to have the proper paperwork, the one regulated and issued by the government officials, but getting citizenship in some countries isn’t as easy. Namely, every country has certain regulations and rules on when you can apply for citizenship, as not just anyone can apply and get it.

Besides that, the whole process can also be time-consuming, as gathering all the necessary files and filing all the forms is not something people usually prefer. Of course, the end goal is more than worth it, as by having citizenship, you have the same rights as people born in that country. As for what these “privileges” are, well, it depends but mainly, it’s about health insurance, financial help for education, and many more.

Above all these reasons, traveling back and forth to Australia, for example, is also much easier and more convenient, as firstly, there is no limit, and, secondly, by having Australian citizenship, you can travel to more than 180 countries without having to file for Visa.

Yes, the last two reasons are the most crucial for most people, especially business one, as, due to the job, they travel, and travel a lot. Understandably, some people simply want to get citizenship just because they fell in love with Australia, which leads us to the main question, whether there are some tips on how to make this whole process much easier and quicker.

Study for the test

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The first thing to know is that those not born in Australia or are from Australian parents but were born outside the country need to pass the exam in order to become citizens.

There are some requirements they need to meet to prove they are suitable to take the exam, and after that, the test is something they cannot avoid, and because of that, studying for the exam is a must since it is impossible to pass it by relying only on pure luck. Now, this is a common practice, as each country has these tests, and the only difference here is about the questions.

It is made of different questions that check your knowledge of various topics related to Australia, its history and the people who live there, and their values and national symbols. Of course, like most of these tests, it is a multiple choice type of question, and the test lasts for 45 minutes.

It is impossible to become a resident of one country without knowing the basics, and this test checks the level of that knowledge. As for the score, you need a score of 75% or more in order to pass. If you are not sure how one citizenship exam can look or want to practice more, visit and improve your knowledge in the easiest possible way.

Spend enough time in the country

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In order to apply for citizenship, you need to live in Australia for some time before filling out the application. When we calculate this time, it is at least four years before getting citizenship, and following all the rules is a must.

You need to live in this country permanently for one year, do not leave it for more than one year at the moment of applying and three or more months before it. It is known as the naturalization process, and it is impossible to avoid it. Those who had student visas and have lived in Australia during their studies can mention these years when applying, and they will be included in the total period.

Practice the language

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As you are probably aware, even knowing everything about Australian culture, history, and people will be for nothing if you don’t have a basic knowledge of the English language. This made our list because many people, mostly those from countries where English is not their first language, often forget to check their knowledge of the English language.

It’s perhaps needless to say that the exam is also in the English language, and even though there are no questions in the test related to language knowledge, neither grammatical, speaking, or writing, knowing the basics is a must for people who want to become Australians. There is an interview before the exam where the examiner needs to talk in English, so understanding at least the basics is necessary to proceed to the exam.

There is no need to be afraid since it is enough to show basic understanding and communication, but if you easily get nervous and confused, make sure to practice with someone, as only by practicing can you become more open and less nervous, so that you can focus on what really matters, and that’s passing the citizenship test.

Speed up the appointment

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Although it looks impossible, there is a simple option to speed up the appointment date and take the interview much sooner. All you need to do is check the website regularly and see if there is some free spot earlier than your appointment.

It is pretty common since people can cancel their interviews because of many reasons, and it can speed up the whole process even for two or three months if you are lucky enough. It is never sure that it will be a free spot earlier, but checking the website is too difficult, so why don’t you give it a try.

Gather all the paperwork

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Here, depending on which terms you got the right to apply for citizenship, different documents are needed. Standard documents that everyone needs are a birth certificate, passport or travel documents, and a photo.

Now, since there are many conditions on which you can apply for citizenship, make sure to check and go through all the paperwork in time, as not having even one piece of paper can just prolong the entire process.

Besides that, those filing for citizenship online should scan all the documentation and have easy access to them, just in case. In the end, getting Australian citizenship isn’t the most difficult, but it also surely isn’t the easiest one, so gather all documents, study for the test, and there will be nothing to worry about.