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There are more than 10 thousand different succulent plants, and as you already know they can be used in a variety of different ways. The main reason why we love them is that they make our homes more beautiful, they are easy to grow and maintain, and there are a lot of health benefits that come with them.

You’ve probably heard that some of these plants can be used in your skincare routine, they help with burns, and they can decrease your blood pressure, help with different conditions including polycystic ovary syndrome, and can be used for reducing your blood glucose levels. However, not all plants have healing properties, and some of them may be extremely toxic, especially for small children and pets.

In this article, we are going to talk about succulents, if they are edible, and how to prepare them. Continue reading if you want to learn more about these plants, how to pick the right types, and how you can benefit from them.

Are the succulents edible?

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The first thing we are going to talk about is if you are allowed to eat these plants. The answer depends on the plant you are looking at, and as we previously mentioned, some of them you can easily prepare and eat, while others can be used only as house plants.

The most popular plant that is safe to eat is the paddle cactus or Opuntia ficus-indica. This is the product you can easily find on pretty much any market, and it is commonly consumed in salads. It can be eaten raw, or if you don’t like the taste or the goop that comes from it, you can just grill it and add it as a side dish.

Did you know that dragon fruit is actually succulent? Most people are not aware of this fact, and depending on the location where you live, you should be able to find it in pretty much any grocery store around you. Some people love the taste of it, while others describe it as bland and unflattering. You can choose to put it in a salad, eat it just like you would any other fruit, or if you want to get all the benefits from it without feeling too much of the taste, you can just juice it and combine it with other fruits that will disguise the taste.

The barrel cactus is another plant that is edible, and even though it definitely does not look appetizing, you should know that you can consume pretty much every part of it. Many people choose to grow it in their homes, and the barrel cactus is extremely easy to plant. You don’t have to pay much attention to it, and it grows without too much care. You can choose to eat the flowers, or you can wait until the fruit grows. The seeds in the fruit are also safe to consume. Note that some people find the fruit a bit sour, and if you choose to eat the flesh of the cactus, you will first need to remove the spines. The easiest way to do that is to just burn them. You can use all the parts and eat them raw, or you can choose to season them with salt and spices, as well as sugar if you want to prepare a dessert.

When you look for the right type of plants, you should know that you can choose if you want to grow them yourself, or you can purchase them already grown. According to, you are free to choose from a variety of different plants, and some of them are used to make your home more beautiful, while others can be prepared and eaten as a snack, a salad, or even a side dish.

Other types of plants that you are safe to eat and cook include the Saguaro cactus, the stone crops, the prickly pear, and of course, aloe.

Aloe is another type of succulent that is extremely beneficial for you, and you can choose if you want to make hair and skin products or if you want to just cut it in thin slices and consume it as is. Just remove the skin and know that the flesh inside of it can be eaten raw, or you can cook it. Users say that it tastes the best in a smoothie, but you are free to experiment on your own and explore different recipes.

How to prepare them

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One thing you should know is that when you purchase and prepare the plants, you need to pay attention if all of their parts are eatable, or if you need to pick the right one. Some of the plants can be consumed as a whole, and you can eat their flesh, the leaves, the flowers, and the fruits and seeds. When it comes to other succulents, you can eat only the fruit or just the flesh. Depending on the type of plant you choose, you will need to do your own research and see which parts are edible.

Note that you can always talk to the seller, and ask them which parts are safe for you to consume. Most plants can be eaten raw, and you can just cut them up, and use them in your salad, consume them as a snack, or add them to the main dish.

If you don’t like the raw taste of them, you can easily grill them, and make them taste better. Seasoning is a must if you don’t like the slimy taste and if you want to avoid the possible bitterness. Since they are relatively tasteless, you can choose if you want to create a sweet or a savory dish. Nowadays, there are a lot of specific recipes that will help you introduce them into your diet, and improve your lifestyle. All edible plants are extremely healthy and they are going to be beneficial for your health. Know that some of them you can even put into the air fryer or the food dehydrator and prepare tasty snacks.

There are more than 20 different types of succulents that are safe for you to consume, and you can easily find them in the farmer’s market. You can also grow them on your own, and explore different dishes and recipes. Take your time to get used to the taste and know that once you see all the benefits from them, you will not go back to the traditional cuisine that does not include them.