Intercultural and interracial marriages have always been around throughout history, yet recently there has been an influx of American men falling in love with foreigners and marrying them, whether it be through international dating sites or other means.

The success stories of the couples who found each other through a mailbride site are especially inspiring and serve to show us that love truly transcends all boundaries. Here are 8 intercultural marriage stories that will make you believe in cross-cultural marriages:

1. Dennis and Ester from Cebu, Philippines

Dennis was 53 when he married his Filipino mail-order bride Ester. After spending several months communicating online and exchanging photographs, they decided to meet in person and explore the possibility of entering into a romantic relationship.

After several trips back and forth to visit each other, they eventually married in 2013 despite some initial disapproval on the part of both families due to their age difference. But seven years later they’re still going strong!

2. Ethan and Isada from Chiang Mai, Thailand


Ethan was working as a software engineer based in California when he decided to take a chance on finding love by joining a Thai dating website. He figured that with the lack of employment opportunities due to the recession he would spend it searching for true love instead.

It didn’t take long before he met Isada through the website and they were soon communicating regularly via Skype before meeting each other four months later in Thailand. Two months after this initial meeting Ethan permanently moved there and four years after that they got married .

3. Hunter & Wendy from Shenzhen China

Hunter had been divorced for two years when he saw a photo of Wendy online through an international dating website.

Despite being unsure about taking the plunge again, Hunter took a chance on foreign love and began chatting with her over Skype every night for months until finally flying out ten months later to meet her where she lived in Shenzhen, China.

Surprisingly enough things moved so quickly between them that after Hunter returned home just three weeks later Wendy officially relocated to America so that they could be together permanently before getting engaged nine months later! They went on to get married after another year together in Ohio where Hunter is originally from.

4. Rick Merrick and Marietta – The California Pair

Rick Merrick was a businessman from California who met future wife Marietta online while searching for beautiful Italian singles. What started off as casual conversation blossomed into something more serious when he flew out to meet Marietta face-to-face during her trip to Rome.

They fell head over heels for each other and within three months were married! It didn’t take long for Rick’s friends and family to warm up to Marietta either – everyone soon accepted their union with open arms!

5. Michael Smith And Lyudmila from Russia


Michael Smith from South Carolina first saw pictures of Lyudmila from Russia on an international marriage website. There was something about the way she looked that intrigued him so much. He found himself emailing her nonstop just so they could get better acquainted before deciding if they wanted to take their relationship to the next level or not.

Luckily, things worked out well between them as they made it official when Michael flew all the way across the world just so they could marry each other in 2009! The couple even celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary earlier this year; showing us all how powerful true love can be despite anything else around them changing!

6. Bill and Valeria from Ukraine

This amazing couple met online and after a few months of getting to know each other online, decided to take their relationship to the next level and meet in person in Ukraine. Even though they had completely different cultural upbringing, they shared many things in common, including mutual respect for one another’s values, beliefs, dreams and goals for the future.

After 6 months of meeting each other online and in person, Valeria decided to move to the United States with Bill and they were married shortly after she arrived. They have been happily married for almost 3 years!

7. Steve and Elena from Poland


The story of Steve and Elena began when Steve stumbled across Elena’s profile on the international mail order bride website. He sent her a message and the two began chatting online, eventually falling in love.

After several months, they decided to meet up in person. After their first meeting, which was incredibly awkward due to the language barrier between them, they decided to keep seeing each other until they got engaged several months later. They could not afford an extravagant wedding ceremony or honeymoon trip so they settled for a simple marriage ceremony and spent their honeymoon enjoying dinner shows in one of the local restaurants.

Eight years later, the couple is still happily married with three children; their relationship is still going strong despite having started out as an online connection between two people from very different cultures.

8. Rick and May from China

When Rick met May on the international dating site five years ago, he had no idea it would turn into something serious. They swapped messages and slowly got acquainted, until Rick flew over to visit May in China: that’s where he truly fell in love with her personality as well as her beauty.

After only 10 days together in China, Rick proposed and she accepted – much to his surprise! The pair then started making plans for their future together including organizing visas for May to come over to America – but it was anything but smooth sailing! Despite long processing times, multiple trips back home to renew visas and countless interviews at US embassies around Asia; after almost two years May finally gained citizenship just weeks before welcoming twin baby girls into the world!

Rick bears testament that true love doesn’t discriminate by race or creed and spoke highly about his experience finding himself a foreign wife: “We were meant for each other”, he proudly declares “I can honestly say we would never have met without using an online dating site”.