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Every person who has ever worked with clients knows how important it is to provide good service and to get paid on time. Finishing the project successfully is just the first part of the collaboration with your client. Once you’re done with all of the tasks you need to send the bill to your customer and get paid for the job finished successfully.

The best way to ensure timely payments is to send an invoice to the people you work with. In this article, we are going to talk about the importance of invoices and how to create your own great-looking bills that not only look good but are also professionally created in a manner that will show your clients that you are a service worth collaborating with. Continue reading if you want to learn why creating good invoices is crucial, and how that can affect your projects.

The design is crucial

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The first thing we’re going to talk about is the design. The way your invoice looks will make a lot of difference and you need to create a bill that is clear, detailed, and easy to understand. When your client looks at the document they need to see what it is about and they should not struggle to navigate through it.

Note that in the bills you’re free to add your logo and you can also use your company’s colors. Know that in any case, you should not put too many different colors and you should not make it look like a children’s book. Use subtle hues and make it easy for your client to notice the most important bits. In addition to this, you can use different style fonts or colors to accentuate the most vital parts of the bill including the final sum.

There are many different types of design you can choose for your bill but users and experts suggest that you should try to keep it simple, clear, and easy to understand. Take your time exploring the right design for your bills and remember that you should never change it too much. No matter if you’re collaborating with the same company over and over again or if you are tackling a project with a new client you should keep the same design for your bills. This will help you create a good flow with all your clients and customers and will keep things unified.

Use a platform

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The next thing that will help you out with this task is to use a platform and a template for your bills. Many people choose to go with Word or Excel, but the issue with this is that these platforms will take you too much time to create the documents.

You risk missing out on an important detail, and if you do that, you risk sending a bill without the needed information, or with wrong dates or final sums.

If you don’t want to spend too much time creating the bill, and if you want to ensure that everything is added, then you can use a platform or a service that will provide you with the needed temples.

According to, you can choose to go with a free Google Doc invoice template that is easy to implement for every project, and that will provide all the elements that a bill needs. When you use a template, you won’t have to worry about the basic things, and you will only need to focus on the important things of the job.

In the templates, you will find all the elements that an invoice should contain, and you can use the same platform and same template for all of your projects. It is said that with them, you will spend a fraction of the time creating the document, and you will be able to focus on the important parts of the task.

Add all the needed information

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The last thing we’re going to talk about is the elements that your invoice needs. The first thing you need to do is to clearly mark the bill. This means that when you send the bill to your client, you need to put what it is and name it properly. You should also include the date in the subject. This way your client will not forget about the email or the message you sent and they will save it and properly store it.

Another thing that is extremely important is to add the name of your company and additional information for it. The contact details, as well as the address of your business, are some of the things you should never forget to add. In addition to this, you should add the company name of your client as well as their details including the email. This is important because sometimes mistakes happen and you can send the email to the wrong person when you add these details about your client, whoever finds your email, will be able to send it to the right person.

No matter if you’re using a template or if you are creating The Bill on your own from scratch you should never forget to include the description for your services. You don’t have to write lengthy descriptions but you should add the needed details that will help your client understand what they’re paying for.

When creating the bills, you should always add the dates next to the description of the services. You should include the date when the invoice was created, and if possible, when it was sent to your customers.

Finally, you should put the price of your services, and if there were any missed payments, you should put those numbers as well. In case you are offering any discounts, or if your client had a special offer for some of the products or services, you should clearly mark the deduction. To avoid confusion, you should put just one final sum. Many people make the mistake of creating several final prices, including the one without discounts, and one without the added missed payments. Make things clear and simple for your client, and mark everything properly.

By following these tips, you will start creating your own great-looking invoices that are always clean and easy to understand. Use a platform and a template to make your life easier, and know that once you master the creation of bills, it will not take more than 20 minutes to finish the document and make it error-free.