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Every business should ask itself as one of the basic questions: how to make a good site? A good and functional site is your ID card and the first thing your future clients will introduce you to. When creating a website you need to pay attention to a couple of important things. Since the website is of course used for marketing your services or products, the user should immediately after entering your website find out what the topic of the web is and what you do. You have a maximum of seven seconds for the user to understand, otherwise, he will move on, most likely towards the site of your competition. We can say with certainty that today if you don’t have a website, it’s as if you don’t even exist.

The first thing you will need to create a website is a good web designer. Today it is possible to find many freelancers who are engaged in this business, as well as companies that offer these services. In any case, get a little information when choosing a web designer, seek the recommendations of people who have already had experience in this field. Also, do not hesitate to ask the designer for his portfolio, or to present some of his previous work.

To start any project, and thus to create a good site, you need an analysis of your wishes or needs. Then you need to define the content, structure, and functioning of the site. This includes determining the number of pages in the navigation, menus, and special elements (modules) as well as their layout on the site. After completing this part of the work, it is time to define the graphic design solution, ie the choice of colors, images, letters, and symbols that will fit perfectly with the corporate identity. The website should be simple and functional, and at the same time graphically appealing. A great example of a good website is because it provides all the necessary information that the player needs to access the game, the graphic design is effective, and the uploading of the site is satisfactory. Keep in mind that customers don’t like sites that load slowly. According to the research, that is one of the main reasons why they are absent from using its service at the start.

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The site should represent you, or your business. Accordingly, design is very important, but they have things that are far more important than it. The first thing to consider is the URL of the site. Create an address that will tell a potential customer at first glance what it is about. For example, if you want to make a jewelry-making site, a bad address would be, because it says absolutely nothing about what you need. However, will first reveal to potential customers what it is about and that is exactly what is good for SEO.

According to SafariDigital, an SEO agency from Adelaide, The next very important thing is the structure of the site, that is, that the content of the site is presented hierarchically – at the top should be the home page, then the categories, articles, and so on. This will allow customers to search easily and effectively.

Before you decide whether you will give your trust and money to that site, of course, you will be interested to know more about the company itself, which you will be able to do if the site has About Us option in the menu. The text should not be too long, but it should present the business in the best light.

If the site is intended for online sale, it should have a higher level of security, ie SSL certificate that will encrypt communication between the site and the client, which will protect important information, such as credit card numbers, and thus gain more trust from your customers.

Given that social networks play a big role not only when it comes to spending free time, but also in business, it is recommended that the brand has its side on a hundred multidisciplinary networks – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and so on. Be sure to point out that presence on social networks on the site.

Today, 80% of people for practical reasons prefer to use their smartphones for search than computers. However, it often happens that the site does not have a mobile version, or that it is made specifically for computers, which makes it difficult to use. The site should be optimized for different screens, ie have a mobile version. The best solution is Responsive design, ie one that automatically adapts to the device from which the search is performed.

The job of a web designer is to realize your ideas, but also to point out possible omissions and doubts, as well as to suggest a better solution. The web designer must have enough experience to predict how the site will function and look before it is created, as well as to recognize the latest technologies. It isn’t the same if you are looking to create a website that will only offer blogs with your real life stories or if you are creating a website that offers flower delivery. The selection of WordPress themes for SAAS websites is completely different from regular blogs and your web designer should point that out when choosing appropriate theme.

When creating a website, avoid cheap solutions, because quality development requires a lot of time and effort, and the price itself speaks volumes about that. Do not hesitate to seek advice on the layout of the site from the designer, because his job is to be direct, open, and ready to help the client come up with the perfect solution. If you are still in doubt as to which of the two web designers to choose, what can be decisive is the insight into their previous work, as well as their personal website, which is also considered their ID card in this business. So, if his website is not well done – give it up and continue your search.

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Final thoughts

Globalization, the development of the Internet, and telecommunications have affected the economy everywhere in the world. The Internet has given us the opportunity to expand our business beyond the borders of our country. All this is possible by creating a website. The website is a mirror of the company and can be accessed by anyone who has the Internet, regardless of distance, working hours, or number of visitors. This is exactly the reason why the site must be done with quality, you are entering your business, your future. Let this be an expensive but worthwhile investment for your future business.