Nobody truly understands cigars like cigar smokers and enthusiasts. The class and overall flavor which it gives is something to yearn for. However, cigars can sometimes get moldy and lose their unique taste and flavor. If your cigars also do this, then you need to get yourself a cigar humidifier.

Cigar humidifiers are containers, usually made of wood, which help to keep the cigar at constant humidity. They can be adjusted to reduce or increase the humidity in the container. By doing this, they help the cigar in a lot of different ways. When choosing a humidifier for your cigars, there are a couple of tips that you should know. Some of these tips are:

1. Choose the right size


When choosing a humidifier for your cigars, you must choose one of the right sizes. An overcrowded humidifier will have less control over the humidity inside it. This is bad, as a good humidifier needs to have steady airflow through it.

Most humidifiers are usually indicated by the number of cigars that they can hold. You must hold on to this when you are shopping for a new humidifier. Always remember to go for a cigar humidifier that can hold twice as much as the number of cigars you want to store in it.

2. Consider what type of cigar you want to store in it

You must consider what type of cigar you want to store in a humidor. Most cigars tend to lose their flavor if they are stored together with other types of cigars. This is because the contrasting flavors cancel each other out. Before long, all the cigars will not have the same flavor as they used to.

If you want to store different types of cigars, you should get a humidor with different compartments. Cigar humidors can come with different compartments in which you can store different cigars. They can help to prevent the cigars from losing their unique and different flavors.

3. Consider your space


When choosing a humidor for your cigars, you must consider the space which you have. Humidors can come in different shapes and sizes. They can come as big as cabinet humidors and as small as desktop humidors.

Therefore, you must consider the space which you have available. Choosing a cigar humidor that is too big for your space will make the place feel cramped. It is therefore important that you choose a humidor that will suit your space perfectly.

4. Go for high quality

Choosing a cigar humidor that is made with materials of high quality will make the humidor last longer. You must go for humidors made from Spanish cedarwood, as it is long-lasting.

Also, these humidors are far more efficient than those made with lesser woods. Make sure that the thermometer and hygrometer in the humidor work well. By doing all these, you will be able to choose a humidor that will serve you well in the long run.

5. Create a budget


When you get to a store that sells humidors, it can be easy to get carried away. All those humidors with intricate designs and many buttons are just there to swipe your cash. Create a budget that can get you a high-quality, yet simple humidor.

Moreover, creating a budget will let you know what type of humidors you can afford. This will prevent you from picking a humidor that will badly affect your expenses.

Why do you need a humidor for your cigar?

You have seen the vital tips which you need to know when choosing a humidor for your cigar. Now, you will need to know why you need a humidor in the first place. Below are some of the reasons why you need a humidor for your cigars.

1. It makes the cigar last longer


Naturally, cigars have a comparatively short shelf life. After this time, they begin to lose their flavor and overall taste. One thing which helps to curb this is a cigar humidor. A cigar humidor helps to extend the shelf life of cigars greatly.

By adjusting and stabilizing the humidity inside it, the cigar is kept fresh and flavorful. Also, humidors help to keep the cigar from getting too dry and flaky. It does this by keeping the cigar at a certain humidity.

2. It protects the cigar from external factors

There are a lot of things that can make a cigar lose its flavor and taste, long before it should. External factors are a large part of these things. Some external factors such as sunlight and water can make a cigar lose its flavor.

After all, nobody loves to smoke a soggy cigar. A humidor can help to prevent any of these from happening in the first place. It can help to prevent sunlight from hitting the cigar and ruining its taste and flavor. Aside from that, humidors are usually well-sealed, making it hard for water to get them. Therefore, humidors help to prevent the cigar from being affected by environmental factors.

3. It helps to prevent the cigar from getting moldy


Mold is an issue that affects many cigars. The major cause of mold is the presence of excess moisture in an environment.

A humidor helps to control the moisture which a cigar faces inside it. Therefore, a humidor can stop mold from growing on a cigar. It does this by preventing the buildup of excess moisture in the cigar.


If your cigars do not last long or lose their taste very quickly, you might need to get a humidor. Not only will it keep your cigars safe from environmental factors, but it also helps to make them last longer. Finally, the best cigar humidifer can be bought online too.

However, you need to make that the cigar humidor supplier is verified and reputable. Not to mention, a good cigar humidor can preserve your cigar for more than 2 years but it depends on the quality of the caigar too. Yuou can find all informations if you just click on