We are all addicted to adrenaline, to a greater or lesser extent. Someone will feel that kind of pleasure riding on the roller-coaster, someone driving at high speed, while there are more and more of us who get incredible excitement while gambling. If you are one of the people looking for this type of adrenaline, great you’re in the right spot! When we say gambling, besides Las Vegas, the first thing that crosses our mind is poker, right?

During a game of poker, we always think about the cards, the opponent, and the chips are an indispensable part of our game because of the stakes. Taking into account the above-mentioned things, you won’t even notice how you involuntarily throw chip after chip without really thinking about them, but they serve you so that you have an accurate calculation in your head of how much you can and must spend on this hand.

Whether you’ve been in this for a long time or you’re just a beginner, have you ever wondered do casino chips have value? Yes, we certainly need them to play our favorite game, but what is their secret? How much are poker chips worth? We will try to bring you the answer to this question through the following text. We hope that after this you will be even more successful in this endeavor, so let’s get started!

When did chips come from?

Before we start talking about the value of chips, let’s take a look back at their history and see what is the reason for their creation. The origin of chips is closely related to the card games played in Europe in the 18th century. When the card gamers came up with the idea that they could profit from playing cards, they placed a certain bet, which of course would eventually go to the winner. However, at that time, the stake was in the form of valuable objects or gold. Over time, as this game developed and took on new features, those stakes took on a simpler form. After the middle years of the last century, we arrive at the first versions of chips that facilitate the investment of money and this game in general.

Is there a universal chip value?


Short and clear said – no. Chip value varies from casino to casino. If we go a little further, this diversity doesn’t only apply to casinos. Their value also differs from the place, city, or even country where poker is played. The value of one chip color in, for example, Las Vegas doesn’t necessarily mean the same value in your home country. On the contrary. Before the game, don’t forget to ask about the chip’s value. Also, the owner of the casino can impose his own rules, and the organizer of the poker tournament could set completely different ones, so we repeat, it is very important to inquire about the value of the chip before the start of the game and not to draw conclusions based on your previous experience.

What chip values do we have?

Although we emphasized that the value of chips is not universal, i.e., that it depends on several factors, the value assigned to them is more or less the same for everyone. You can find chips in denominations of $1, $5, $10, $20 or $25, $100, $500 and $1,000. Also, if you play more serious games, or better said games that bring higher earnings, but also a higher stake, you will have tokens of $5,000, $1,000, $25,000 or even $100,000 at your disposal. Regardless of whether you visit the casino in person or online like N1Casino, chips exist both physically and virtually.

What does the value of a chip depend on?


Many factors affect the value of a chip. If you don’t pay attention, you will think that some of them exist purely for the sake of differentiation, but the matter is much deeper. We will list some of them:

Chip colors

If you’ve ever watched or maybe attended a poker game, you’ve seen that the chips don’t differ much in shape but in color, right? Good observation! The color determines their value. Again, it can be different depending on where you play. Different colors help the player to choose tokens and calculate. Likewise, the security systems monitor the game more easily in this way and have an insight into how much money is in circulation at the table.

Chip size

There are not too many categories here, which means that the size of the chips is mostly the same. The diameter of 39mm was established as the standard so that the difference in value between them wouldn’t be noticed. However, here as well, there is a deviation. Some chips don’t have a diameter of standard dimensions. This mainly applies to high values ​​in players. When a player has a bigger chip than “normal” in front of him, you can assume that he has a lot of value in his hands and is probably a candidate to win. Also, the subjective feeling of players with this type of token is much better, i.e. they have more enthusiasm and self-confidence.

Does the chips have a lifespan?


If for some reason you took the chip with you after finishing the game, and you found it after some time, no worries! Here’s another way to make money from it. If it’s been a while since your last game, your chip won’t have the same value, that’s right. But there are other ways to monetize it. However, the more unique the chip is and the more time has passed since it could be used, the better your chances of selling it.

Of course, the demand for your chip will be higher if it is in good condition if it was worth a large amount of money when it could be used if it has not been used for a long time, etc. Nowadays, many enthusiasts collect authentic antiques, so your old chip comes into account. Believe it or not, many would be interested in this type of purchase. And you, as a seller of old chips, can place your offer online or on the auctions.

We tried to point out the important things that you should take into account when it comes to chips. With this in mind, we are sure that you will enter each subsequent game more relaxed. When you don’t have many worries and things on your mind, you will agree that you will probably be more relaxed and have a better chance of winning.