Cleaning and mopping are the most tedious household tasks, especially if someone has a big house with lots of furniture. However, it is vital to keep the house clean, and vacuum cleaners are seen as a customer-friendly alternative to regular brooms and mops.

However, today technology has evolved enough to manufacture robotic cleaners. These vacuum cleaners are compact and lightweight smart cleaners. They can be used by remote controls and be commanded by artificial intelligence.

These smart cleaners have a range of desirable features like they come with sensors, detectors, high-capacity batteries, etc., that make them highly useful. Yedi Vac 2 Pro is one such smart cleaner that is extremely useful yet affordable.

List of Top Robot Vacuums Under $200 Review

1. The Yeedi Vac 2 Pro

The Yeedi Vac 2 Pro

It is a smart cleaner that has multiple cleaning modes to clear even the most tenacious stains. It has a strong vacuum of around three thousand Pascals and a mopping system for areas that need wet mopping. It also has brushes that allow it to reach hard-to-reach spots, like places under a cabinet or the corners of the room.

Apart from this machine uses sonic technology that creates a high-frequency vibration to remove persistent stains. Usually, old stains require repeated rubbing to remove the stain. However, this cleaner can move with a high frequency and thus is more effective than hand-based rubbing.

This cleaner has smart sensors and uses three-dimensional mapping to create a spatial image of the room, ensuring efficient cleaning. Its smart sensors allow it to distinguish between a carpet and the floor; hence, it automatically shuts off the wet mop option whenever it encounters a carpet-like surface.

The sensors also allow the cleaner to navigate the entire house easily. So if it encounters an obstacle in its path, it will automatically stop instead of colliding head on with the obstacle.

It is also extremely easy to use. It has an auto-cleaning operation, so the mop and the cleaning pad need not be cleaned by the house owner. Also, it has a huge dust bag. The dust bag collects the dust after the vacuum cleaning process is complete. The Yeedi Vac 2 has a dust bag that can collect up to two liters of dust. Hence, the dust bag does not need to be cleaned frequently.

The smart cleaner runs on a battery and works as long as the battery lasts. This model has a battery that lasts almost two hundred and forty minutes after a single round of charging. Hence, if it takes thirty minutes to clean the entire house, a single charging event can last up to eight days. It needs a 2.4 Gigahertz Wifi connection to function optimally.

The manufacturing company offers an exchange offer wherein an older version can be exchanged for the latest version at a discounted price. Apart from this, it comes with a one-year warranty.

2. The Roborock S7 CleanerThe Roborock S7 Cleaner

The Roborock S7 offers multiple cleaning modes. It has a strong vacuum that has a suction force of more than two thousand Pascals. Apart from this, it uses sonic or sound-based cleaning for rigid and persistent stains, and it has a wet mopping option for regular floor cleaning.

It has long floating brushes that ensure that it can clean all kinds of surfaces. Moreover, the brushes can move in all directions, ensuring deep and thorough cleaning of even those spots that are hard to reach. It is an intelligent device that can sense carpets and lift a carpet and clean the floor under the carpet area.

Thus this robot cleans not only those surfaces that are exposed but even those surfaces that remain hidden under carpets and mats. This cleaner can scrub more than a thousand times per minute, and thus it ensures a stain-free clean house that requires minimum human intervention.

It is an intelligent device that changes its cleaning mode depending on the surface. Hence, its sensors can differentiate between wooden flooring, carpet, tiles, etc., and the suction becomes more or less depending upon the surface.

3. The Roomba J7 Cleaner

The Roomba J7 can be connected to the wifi and applies a strong suction force to clean all surfaces. It is an intelligent device that can detect and avoid obstacles in its path. Thus, if it encounters an electric cord, shoe, or litter, it clicks a photo and sends it to the house owner.

Thus this device learns about the house setting and reacts promptly to the house owner’s commands. Using and maintaining this product is quite easy as it has a feature for self-emptying the waste that it accumulates in the process of cleaning. Thus, it gives the owner a hand-free experience where the cleaner takes care of emptying the accumulated waste as well.

4. The Dreamtech W10 Cleaner4. The Dreamtech W10 Cleaner

The Dreamtech W10 has four cleaning modes. It can sweep the floor using extra long brushes. It can wet mop an area. It can also dry the area after a wet mop and has a strong vacuum with a suction force of more than four thousand Pascals. Moreover, the product’s shape is such that it can access hard-to-reach spots like edges of the rooms and areas under the cupboards and beds.

It uses a laser-based navigation system with which it scans and maps the entire area of a house. It can thus plan its movement to avoid obstacles and ensure effective cleaning simultaneously.


The above-listed robot cleaners have received excellent reviews from users. These robot vacuum cleaners make life easy for homeowners. They are effective in cleaning all sorts of dirt and dust. They are easy to maintain and use. And lastly, they are pretty affordable and come with great discounts and a warranty.

A customer should spend a reasonable amount of time researching the features and seeing which ones serve his purpose the best. Pet-friendly cleaners that remove animal hair are the best option if a house has pets. Likewise, owners should use a very effective spot-cleaning machine if his house is old and has persistent old stains.