For an excellent hunting selection, the right gun with the right bullet and a good sniper scope is essential. The most important is the selection of the right bullet

Picking the correct ammo for hunting is essential because, at the end of the hunting day, the bullet finally kills the game. Many bullet manufacturers produce pellets/bullets for game hunters that get used in hunters’ rifles. They test, then modify and again try till getting that perfect bullet.

Good Hunting Bullet Parameters


For different guns, different ammunition gets manufactured. This ammo is caliber bullets produced with varying weights and other materials. Their performance varies when shot by a gun. Few of the parameters of hunting bullets depend upon,

Rifle Cartridges

There is a mystery in most rifle cartridges, even though there is no secret in their shape. These cartridges come in varying forms; some could be long or short, fat or skinny, sharp, and so on.

These rifle cartridges are the easiest way for hunters to hold the powder and bullets that are already attached, helping them not to force anything into the gun’s muzzle.

The bigger these holders are, the faster they push the bullets in them when shot at the target.

Distance To Impact

The distance to impact plays an important role. If the target is near, the bullet hits fast and penetrates deeper. But if the target is more than a kilometer, then even the quickest bullet slows down before hitting the target. The distance makes the bullet penetrate less into a target.

Hence it is always good to know at what distance the target will be. It will help in choosing a bullet that will withstand the speed of a close-range shot and also will be able to handle distant long-range target shots.

Shape Of The Bullet

The shape of a hunting bullet plays a vital role in hunting. Those long, shining bullets with a high ballistic rating have more energy than those short-rounded flat-shaped bullets.

When fired, these flat-shaped bullets use more energy to the air pull, thus reducing their speed and distance to travel.

Selection Of Rifle

The selection of a rifle will affect the speed of the bullet. If the barrels in the gun have tight chambers, it will increase pressure, thus boosting the bullet’s velocity when fired. Rifles with long barrels will have better acceleration when compared with shorter barrel rifles.

The Hunting Style

The hunting style of the hunter will influence the selection of a bullet. If a hunter is of patient type, who will wait patiently before taking a perfect shot on a deer or any other animal’s leg, then a soft bullet will be enough.

But a harder bullet is needed if the hunter is impatient and wants to take only the headshot or a shot to the heart.

Hence, depending upon the hunting style, a rifle cartridge and that perfect bullet are to be selected.

Tips For Beginner Hunters


Hunting is an excellent way to bond with friends and also the family. After the hunt, harvesting the meat will also be a ritual-like affair.

For some, hunting is like a passion for collecting animal carcass trophies; for others, it is the hunger for feasting on that organic meat. Whatever could be the reason, for a beginner hunter few tips should be kept in mind to avoid the beginner mistake,

1. Make Friendship With Experienced Hunter

It will be good to know experienced hunters before starting a hunt. Make friends with them, as this will save the time and effort needed in hunting. Sometimes these friends may have different rifles, which they might give for target practice. It will help in knowing the capability for hunting before investing a huge chunk of money.

2. Attend Coaching Class

Search online for hunting coaching classes before venturing out for a hunt. A mentorship class will be available to join to help budding hunters.

Also, if possible, participate in the local hunts where experienced hunters get paired alongside budding hunters. It will help get live feedback before, during, and after the hunting session.

Classes like this will help to learn the art of hunting faster, where valuable one-to-one feedback is shared. Apart from this, it opens the door to a new line of hunting friends or buddies for the hunt.

3. Safety Should Be The Priority

Always be a safe hunter. Whether shooting at the target or harvesting the hunt, safety should be prioritized. Many states have made it mandatory for hunting license requirements before a hunter can start hunting.

4. Shooting Practice Is Compulsory

Practicing shooting will help in perfecting the art of shooting. Hence it is vital to practice shooting with the same weapon taken for the hunt. While practicing, act as if it is an actual hunt, and it will help if the target is moving.

5. Direction Of The Wind

Knowing the wind direction is very important while hunting because if the game gets even a faint smell from the hunter, it will run away.

An animal is used to the natural smell surrounding their environment. It will run away if it smells any scent from a human being.

Hence hunters should always be facing downwind before locking the target or at least stay in those blind locations where the wind will not carry the human scent toward the nose of the animal.

6. Use Camera

Fix the camera and focus it on the animal trail. It will help in knowing when the animal comes to that particular trail. This camera will act as a surprise element and help in hunting.



Whether an experienced hunter or a new hunter, a good hunting bullet is always needed. Always make sure when to use a hard or soft shell. Never use the same shots during a hunt; change the ammunition.

If the bullet expands, the wound hole will be broad but not penetrate deeply into the target to kill it instantly. Always be ready for unexpected things to happen after shooting the game, as no same bullet will perform in the same way twice.

For a detailed analysis on various handgun calibers and their performance, check out the handgun & pistol caliber comparison from ProArmory. Try to match the hunt and the game, as this will help select the perfect bullet needed for hunting.