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Purchasing a car is a rather hefty investment that will more often than not shape our life. After all, the transportation car offers is something we often use, especially people whose work is slightly further away. This is why we take extra time and effort when picking them out and determining the best one for us. To add onto your pile of useful checks to do on a car we have vehicle history report. This report contains all important information about your car’s past. When looking at used cars such report can come in handy. The reasons why will be explained below, so that you can realize how to utilize it better.

What does vehicle history report mean and what does it include?


The vehicle history report is a report that contains information about the car all the way back to its original release from the factory. The report contains a wide selection of items, so let’s go through them one by one.

The car report will state the previous owners of the car in its history. This goes all the way back to the very first purchase to current owner. The ones with a single previous owner are the most sought after, even if car is rather old. The reasoning for this practice is buyer safety. Some cars are frequently traded to hide some negative aspects by constantly shifting owners.

Mileage is the most obvious addition to the report. The mileage is documented during inspections, registrations, and some services. It’s also measured every time the car changes hands. It’ll give you better insight into car’s overall use.

The addition of accident history into the package that vehicle history report provides makes sense. After all, we want to see how often the car got bumped and hit before buying it. This information can prove useful for further assessments made about the car

While very similar to accident history, this segment of the report covers all damage no matter how it happened. That means weather events incurred damage or flood damage are accounted for, helping you prepare for potential drawbacks this could cause.

Every car is given a title that depends on how they are used. The titles give more insight on the car’s previous situations. Police and taxi cars have the titles of their respective professions present so you could end up owning one of the car’s previously used for those jobs.

No matter whether you require all of this information or just some of them the utility of the report stays the same. Getting an online vehicle history report may make your car purchasing experience even faster so go to QuickPPSR and get some quick information immediately.

Vehicle history report is important during selling and trading of the car


No matter whether you are seller or buyer, the vehicle history report is very important. When selling, knowing your car’s history helps you better determine its value, potentially increasing the price you can sell it at. Even if that isn’t the case, knowing the history will assist you in assessing the correct price and answering any interested buyer’s questions. This in turns makes them more likely to buy it off of you, as constant stream of information helps them purchase a satisfying addition to their household.

When trading it to a car dealership it’s expected that they’ll ask for your car’s history. Dealerships do not want to own cars that were stolen, or got involved in some criminal dealings. This is a simple precaution that helps them stay out of legal trouble so it’d be for the best if you have a vehicle history report on hand.

Informs you of potential issues under the hull


As we’ve seen the vehicle reports are rather extensive when it comes to car’s previous and current states. The two categories that will help us the most are accident and damage history. They can help us avoid some extremely bad deals. While most of the car can be inspected easily from the outside, we will quickly notice any dents or iffy door mechanisms, the chassis is a whole different beast. Any deformation on the chassis makes the car worse to operate.

The issues needn’t even be big, as chassis has been made to fit very closely to the rest of the car. Previous accidents could’ve left dents in awkward places or outright ruined some parts of the chassis, making it very pricey to repair. The damage report can also provide ample information in terms of flood damage, which can ruin a lot of our cars interior, causing some fat expenses to our wallet. All in all, consulting these history reports can help us avoid awful deals and additional costs.

Helps you avoid scams

The car selling scene has its fair share of scams. There are sellers that are known to find ways to exploit unaware buyers for the sake of added profits. One of the most frequent scams includes rolling back the odometer. This illegal practice allows sellers to reduce the mileage of a car and present it as a less used one. The car can also have a wrong title attributed to it as a part of title scam, potentially selling you a car you never wanted.

Getting a vehicle history report will quickly detect falsehoods in such scam attempts as the disparity between information on paper and in reality gives you a clear indicator of something being off.

Gives you information on past use of the car


While the car may currently look good, drive good, and have a decent price its issues may still exist. Those issues may stem from its past, it’s possible a car has been used for illegal means making it potentially incriminating or has been built from the ground up. Either of these can spell trouble in different ways which is why it’s good to stay away from such cars. Read through the previous owners and titles fully before committing to a car purchase.


It’s easy to assume we are done with investigating a car once the seller gives us its specifications and price. It’s even easier to reinforce that feeling of safety if we go for a test drive and it works fine. However, one can never be safe purchasing a car until all of its potential quirks have been fully examined. This is why vehicle history report should be done even if everything up until now assured us the car is in perfect condition. The issues it has may be in another place.