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Upon using SIMs with unlimited data plans, the users need not worry about the high charges being applied when they use data beyond any specified limit. Moreover, with unlimited data SIMs, the users need not limit their daily data usage and they can browse the internet as much as they want.

However, they are a bit more expensive as compared to plans that have a data usage limit. On the other hand, this extra cost means that the users will not have to worry about exceeding the data limit. If your work requires a lot of internet usage, or if you like streaming videos or playing games then unlimited data sims are your go to option.

How Do The Unlimited Data Sims Function?

These SIMs function just like any other sim. All you need to do is register the sim under your name and then insert it on your phone. Users tend to wonder whether unlimited really means that the data is unlimited or there are any restrictions. To answer these questions, we will compare unlimited data packs later in this article.

Which Networks Offer Unlimited Data Sims?

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Vodafone offers unlimited data SIMs, which includes a three-month trial. Besides, UK grants are also available without any additional cost at 77 or 48 overseas destinations. However, this depends on the type of plan you have opted for. Some plans also offer a 12-month subscription to Amazon prime video, now TV, Spotify, or sky sports mobile for free.

Unlimited SIM-only deals by O2

O2’s unlimited plan starts at a little over £30 monthly. It also provides daily offers on their priority customer rewards application. Such sims by O2 also provide WiFi for free.

Three’s unlimited SIM-only deals.

The prices of the Three unlimited SIM are very reasonable. You can avail their plan for one month, 12 months, or on rolling contracts. Besides, full roaming is also available in 77 or 48 locations. However, these benefits depend on the plan you choose- premium or basic plans.

EE’s unlimited SIM deals

Some of the EE unlimited plans have some perks, which are redeemable every month, like BT sport and Pass. This will allow the users to use social media platforms without using the data attribution. It is also important to note that EE is considered one of the best networks in the UK when talking about internet speed and coverage.

Unlimited data SIM by smarty

Using the smarty unlimited data SIM, the users can use UK quotas in the European Union without any additional cost. The smarty SIM can also be used for network sharing purposes which will help you to use the internet on other devices like tablets and laptops. It is important to note that the unlimited plan by smarty doesn’t reimburse the data which isn’t used, at month ends.

The advantages and disadvantages of the unlimited plans are as follows:

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  • The users don’t have to worry about overusing their data
  • No additional usage charges


  • They are more expensive when compared to sims with usage limits.
  • It is only beneficial for individuals who are heavy data users
  • Some of the networks do have restrictions on speed
  • Some of the networks have tethering restrictions

What Should You Look For In An Unlimited Sim Plan?

All the unlimited data SIMs have some restrictions on mobile internet usage. There are several things such as customer incentives and price, that you should consider before choosing any unlimited SIM provider.

What Are The Most Affordable Unlimited Data Sims?

If you are not very concerned about freebies and rewards, you will be able to get an unlimited data SIM for less than £20 per month. However, you should go with Smarty and three since they offer unlimited data plans at reasonable rates.

What Are The Best-unlimited Data Sims That Give Freebies?

O2, EE, and Vodafone provide unlimited data SIMs with freebies. However, you should expect a monthly cost of around £25.

Some alternatives to the unlimited data SIMs

  • SIM cards with data only
  • 5G SIM cards
  • Pay as you go SIMs
  • SIM cards that are affordable
  • All-round SIMs

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find the unlimited data plan?

Ans. You can easily find the unlimited data plans by adjusting the side filters to include only those providers with unlimited data or providers with high data margins. You can also adjust the filters for other factors such as text margins, budgets, networks, minutes, and much more. However, if you only want an unlimited data plan, the options are very limited.

Is it possible to sign a mobile contract with unlimited data?

Ans. Yes, it is possible.  They are provided by the same network companies as mentioned earlier. Although there are certain restrictions on the choice you will get. You can find unlimited data plans on more budget smartphones such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy phones, and more. Many network providers offer high margin data on telephony contracts and not on SIM-only solutions. If you can have a monthly need of 30GB or 20 GB, you can choose a contract plan. However, if you like new phones, then you can consider these unlimited plans.

Will I be able to use the unlimited data overseas?

Ans. You can use unlimited data plans as much as you want while you are in the UK. There are certain restrictions when it comes to using unlimited data abroad. EE allows its users to use 15GB of data while you are abroad, but anything beyond that will be chargeable. Three allows its users to use 19 GB of data per month while traveling outside the EU.

Does EE offer unlimited data?

Ans. EE only provides a selection of unlimited data SIM-only plans, which will also provide its users with unlimited texts and calls. Although the unlimited data offer provided by EE isn’t very cheap, they offer freebies and benefits like a free 6-month subscription to Apple Music and EU roaming which makes it a good choice.