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Off-site construction of buildings often uses timber frames. Instead of the site of construction, the modular is made at some other place/ factory. Although this method was commonly used in the 1950s but is now again gaining popularity. It reduces the overall wastage and also makes the supply chain streamlining. In addition to this, our reliance on traditional skills will reduce through this method.

Furthermore, this method is highly applicable and reliable when we talk about making good quality houses quickly. In addition to this, the frame will be built in a factory where there won’t be unexpected factors like rains or gust or storms, etc. Therefore, the work will be done in time and with utmost perfection.

So if you are interested in getting a timber frame floor plan for your new home, you can contact Hamill Creek Timber Frame Homes. They have been in the industry for 25 years and are well-known for providing a range of timber frame designs.

However, their designs are not limited to anything. If you have a plan, you can share it with them and get your custom home design. Whether you have the plan to build a large home or a smaller one, they can fit the design accordingly.

So are there any significant benefits of using timber frame construction over others? Yes, they do have.

Structural insulated panels (SIP)

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Timber frames use insulation through structural panels that are stronger and efficient as compared to fiberglass. Furthermore, they have more strength and therefore, are also more durable. You might worry about windows and doors limitations because of the structural insulated panels.

But no need to worry about that too. These insulating panels won’t be a cause of any limitation. Thus, you can have as many windows as you want. Furthermore, the overall cost of SIP structures is also less as compared to the fiberglass. Thus, you will get better insulation at a low cost.

In addition to heat insulation, the noise-insulating impact of timber wood is also quite good. Therefore, you don’t have to put some extra effort into these things. Simply use the SIP timber wood frame for construction and you will get all the benefits.

These panels save a lot of electricity costs by reducing the need for heating or cooling. Thus, you can actually have efficient energy use.

Recyclability and environmental-friendly material

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Timber wood is a natural product that means it is biodegradable. So you might worry about its service life. However, there is nothing to worry about. Although it is a natural product, it has a tough built and offers a long service life.

Timber wood has high strength and has amazing sustainability. Therefore, once you have it, it won’t get damaged or destroyed for decades. Moreover, if you take proper care of your house, the wood won’t get deteriorated for centuries.

In addition to this, it’s being a natural product is its biggest advantage. It won’t pollute the environment. Once you plan to rebuild the house, the same frame can be used for various other purposes. It won’t be a waste that will go into the environment and pollute it.

Instead, of that, it is recyclable and can be used for making something new. For example, you can use the same wood for making furniture and polish it again.

An interesting thing about this type of construction is that it is completely environment-friendly. How? Because it offers a very low carbon footprint as compared to the other ones. Especially when you use the wood from trees that are produced locally, the overall transportation cost will reduce. Consequently, you will contribute to a low environmental cost.

Quick building time

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The frame does not need to be cut and modulated on-site. Therefore, through partly pre-cut and modulated wooden frames, it is easier to reduce the construction time. But if we compare it to the brick buildings, they take a lot of time and precision and everything must be done on the construction site.

In addition to this, brick-constructed buildings result in the production of a lot of debris. Consequently, the overall time will increase because you will have to spend some time cleaning off the debris.

On the contrary, the wooden frames are designed and made at the factories. Therefore, the frame will be transported directly from the factory to the site and will be used as it is. You won’t have to spend more time cutting and joining the frames. Furthermore, there will be no waste and debris that will require extensive cleaning.

No limitations to size and design

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Timber wood never limits your designing options. You will have endless designing options because of the technical and physical properties of timber. So if you are worried that using a wooden frame might result in any limitations, no need to worry. However, you need the right designer to do his job.

Furthermore, it is easier to work on. Timber is quite versatile and is also durable. Therefore, they easily outperform brick and steel construction. Besides, timber is light in weight and that’s why it does not need heavy machinery. Some simple equipment is enough to install the frames.

In addition to this, timber trees have various species that offer different colors and textures. Thus, because of the functional qualities of different species, you can choose the one you like. Moreover, you can design it the way you want without worrying about anything.

A carbon store

Wooden trees are a huge source of carbon. They store the atmospheric carbon in their body and reduces the overall concentration. So, the carbon is still present in their body even after it is cut down. Thus, it won’t go into the environment again.

And if we plant other trees in the place of the one we cut, that will store more carbon. Thus, the carbon will stay bound as long as the building is intact and the timber is used.