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Holi is one of the most important festivals for the Hindu nation. It has its roots very deep for the whole nation. Many people think about its origin and want to know for how much time it has been celebrating.

It is one of the most ancient festivals for the Hindu nation. According to their history and calendar, it was celebrating before the arrival of Christ. They believed that the colors are made on this even to beautify the world in the memory if their Lord Vishnu’s victory against some evil forces.

The origin of this festival is so much old that a writer from the 7th century has discussed it. Before the birth of Christ, the Vishnu fought a battle against a forceful raja and stopped him from his evil deeds. The raja wanted to kill his son because he had made his mind to support Vishnu. But Vishnu fought the battle with wisdom and saved his son as well as the whole nation from his effect.

In the memory of that victory, people used to spend colors and enjoy this event. That is why it has great importance in the life of every Hindu. Actually, this event was famous among the Indian people at that time and even for a long time after that event. With time, it became popular among Asian countries and the Western world also.

Now, in almost every country where the Hindu lives, Holi is celebrated with great affections and intentions. In some international companies, there is a complete holiday on this day for Hindu people. Holi is also called Holika because of that forceful raja who was defeated by Vishnu. Because of its strong history and origin, this festival has unusual importance in the life of every Hindu.

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What Is Holi?

Holi is an event of colors that is also used to symbolize love and care for the beauty of the world. It is said that color fills anything with beauty. In this way, it is used to beautify the world more accurately and perfectly.

Holi is also called the “festival of Love” due to this reason. People used to spend colors on each other in different forms. Some people use dry to colors and make their belongings face colorful with them. While some use colors mixed in water for this purpose. This colorful water is filled in balloons and then they are strike on each other.

As this festival is celebrated just before the arrival of the spring season that is why it becomes more attractive. The smell of upcoming flowers and colors fill the air with attractive blossom. People feel grateful due to this smell and show their love for each other in a better way. Many people left their hated feelings on this occasion and spent a lot of time with each other. In this way, it is also called the event of friendship.

Many people want to wish this event to their belongings in special words but they do not find specific words. For such people, we have collected a fine series of Best Holi wishes that give your wish a charming look. Also, these words will express your feelings clearly and more accurately.

Holi Messages for Everyone

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