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Filters for beauty, for art, for every possible transformation, facial exchanges, and a cart of functions for selfies are in the top applications that millions of people use.

Photography has entered our daily lives for good. The use of smartphones gave us fun with applications that inform us, spark our creativity, and entertain us with games like Angry Birds and Plants vs Zombies and other types of games like in NetBet Casino. Added to these apps, smartphones allow us to enjoy their built-in cameras with remarkable lenses and megapixels.

However, technology didn’t stop at just camera photography. Software companies have created applications that can intervene in photography and make it impressive. Applications have reached the point of not only filtering the photo but much more.

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  • They change the color of the skin.
  • They change the shape of the nose.
  • They can make you look like you’ve lost weight.
  • They make you appear taller.
  • They can treat the face and eliminate scars, spots, freckles, etc.
  • They can appear to make your teeth whiter.
  • They can virtually put on your makeup, eyelashes, etc.
  • They can create a smile in a photo that you have taken without smiling.

We searched, installed, and analyzed the best photo editing applications, especially selfie photo editing, and below we’re recommending them to you.

You Cam Perfect

This is one of the easiest and best photo and selfie editors for android and iPhone mobile phones. In addition to the dozens of filters, it has cuts and stitches and a huge variety of tools for the face. You can enlarge the eyes, make the nose smaller, raise or lower it, slim the face, fix your cheekbones, get taller, whiten the teeth, and much more.

The editing algorithm it uses is so powerful that the changes in the photo seem completely natural.

Beauty Camera

Powerful and easy face photo editing program. With a simple button, it can beautify a photo while there’s no lack of filters that process individual parts of the face (nose, cheekbones, dark circles, etc.). In addition, you can put earplugs and other graphics on your face and make your photos more playful.

Beauty Plus

With over 300 million downloads and over 800 million edited photos, Beauty Plus is considered one of the most famous photo editing and selfie apps for smartphones. In addition to the basic image processing filters, colors, noses, eyes, filters, etc., have a set of augmented reality tools that take your photo to another level. All you need with this application is imagination.

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Candy Camera

Candy Camera, also known as selfie beauty camera. It processes the colors, the brightness, removes blemishes on the face, emphasizes the eyes and lips, while it can also put on makeup. It’s one of the first applications that dealt with selfie editing and one of the best known Google Play and AppStore.

However, more apps concentrate on your face but in a funny way. You will laugh at the outcome, and then you can share it with your friends for more fun. Below we have singled out the five most fun and easy to use.


The application that caused a stir with the filter of your old (and young) ego counts its users in millions now and has been enhanced with filters for a hair change, sex change, and other things.Banuba: Face Filters & Effects

With this application, you can transform into a celebrity, astronaut, or hipster. You can also put yourself skydiving, relaxing on the beach, wearing glamorous accessories, or having the weirdest thing you can think of in a haircut.

YouCam Fun

The application offers a huge collection of 3D face filters and stickers, while what makes it stand out are the animal filters that enliven your wild side. Do you want to become a cat or a leopard? Is it a wild tiger or a fawn?

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Its name brings something to mind like a Russian submarine or cocktail, but the application has more than fifty filters to intervene in your face and transform it in every possible and incredible way. It also has several options for changing the environment such as different sky colors and dozens of effects.

Face Swap

While most apps have a variety of face filters, Face Swap has chosen a simple but quite funny feature: change your face with a friend, celebrity, or anyone you want, and even use it in live video. The best part is that you do not need to upload photos, just place the two faces on the camera.

And some apps for your pictures:

PicsArt Photo Editor

One of the most popular applications in recent years, due to the variety of options it offers and the ease of editing images and videos, PicsArt Photo Editor helps you create stunning photos, with various effects, stickers, and filters on your photos. The application is free and offers several functions, but if you want something more specialized, you will have to buy one of the separate packages it offers.

VSCO: Photo & Video Editor

Although the free app only offers ten presets, even these are enough to create the perfect photo, and if you want to access over 200 presets from companies like Kodak and Fuji, then you can subscribe to the app. But even for free presets, it’s worth trying the application, as they have an application for video and photos together.

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Have you ever taken the perfect photo, from the right angle and with the ideal lighting, but one detail ruined your whole shot? For all of you who are lucky enough to have something like this, TouchRetouch is the solution. The award-winning application allows the removal of unwanted elements within the photo, with the result that it does not even appear to have been processed.

Lens Distortions

One of the top applications if you want to add natural effects such as sun rays, rain, snow, and other weather phenomena, but also if you’re going to make the whole scene of your photo much more dramatic. The application has several free effects, but to unlock them all, you have to pay separately. One test will convince you.


Do you want all the tools for free? Do you want complete control over all your photos and take your image to the next level through the full control offered by the manual functions? Then Snapseed is for you. Although it’s not the most beginner-friendly application, every download can take off in the hands of a skilled user, while for those who are eager to learn it, the result will reward you—the most must-have app for those who want to raise the level of their photos.