We all know that March the 8th represents a woman’s day which symbolizes the struggles they had in the past, and the challenges they still face in their fight for equality today. Even though we can see some progress even in less-developed countries, there are still many issues related to the equality of women and minorities in many countries, which is also related to highly developed ones like the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and more. These countries might be louder about this topic, but the fact is that there is still plenty of space for improvement. Many people might get surprised when they hear about women and minorities being empowered, but the problem is that a lot of them don’t pay enough attention to that issue.

Therefore, this date is crucial for underlying the big problem in the whole world related to the unequal position of women and minorities today. This date is very important for women since it represents the fight for equality, and it is common for men to buy them presents as a way to show how they understand and appreciate them. It is a tradition in the whole world for men to surprise their mothers, sisters, and partners with nice gifts, and if you are interested in buying them jewelry, click here.

However, buying gifts will not solve any problem related to their position, especially of minority women. In that matter, it is crucial to understand and take some actions for better equality. It is not a rare case that women, even in highly-developed countries, have smaller wages in the same positions in companies. Also, there are much more men in high positions like CEOs, managers, and other leading roles. Therefore, it is very important to find a way to support the minorities in places where it is obvious that there is inequality. Here are the best ways to support women minorities during March.

1. Be Serious About This Topic


One of the main issues is that many people don’t take this issue so seriously, especially men in poorly-developed countries where women serve for giving birth and taking care of their homes. In some countries, they are not even allowed to drive or have a job. Also, it is difficult for them to have a proper education. In that matter, the man in leading positions needs to step up and start speaking more about this topic. That will motivate the women to become more determined to break this taboo. For example, if you have enough resources to organize a session, conference, or even a podcast, you should spend at least one day speaking more about the rights of women and minorities.

2. Investing in Their Education


While countries like Germany, Sweden, United States, and many other rich countries already offer equality for their citizens, and even people from poor families have a chance to reach higher education by getting sponsorships and state funding, the main problem is mostly related to third-world countries. There are already some charities and similar organizations that are collecting funds and providing talented people to get their education at some of the best Universities in the world, we think that there is still plenty of space for improvement. Another issue is that many women simply get used to the fact that they are treated like that, and various factors are responsible for that, like tradition, religion, lack of education, and more. We all have to find a way to raise the voice about this problem in every country since that is the best solution for overall conscience about high levels of inequality all over the world.

3. Fight Against Racism


It is a shame that racism is still present in many countries, and the best proof for that can be seen in some sports events where fans often insult black or Asian players for their color of skin and nationality. The penalties are often related only to the clubs whose fans were cheering those insults. However, that is not a proper solution. Education of all people from their young age about morals and ethics is the best solution to dealing with these challenges. Many countries still have big social differences between various groups of citizens. The best solution is to teach people about common stereotypes and discrimination which is highly present even today. The best way to deal with that is to introduce high penalties and regulations that will prevent people from expressing their wrong opinions related to other nationalities, races, and cultures.

4. Hire Them In Your Company


The great method of raising the voice about equality is to try to hire more minority women in your company. Also, you can select talented people and invest in their higher education to have them prepared to work for you. You can target groups and communities where this problem is more common, and provide women with funding and free education, which is the best way to contribute to the problem. Those women might decide to go back to their community and start educating other people about the importance of full equality among men, women, and minorities.

The Bottom Line

Buying a gift for your girlfriend or wife doesn’t represent anything if you are not aware of the importance of this date, and if you don’t find any way to give your contribution to the global fight for equality among every nationality, culture, religion, and race. There are still obvious cases of racism even in western countries who are known for being more progressive, which is clear evidence that it is crucial to continue with emphasizing this subject more in society.

Companies should find a way to hire more women on leading positions, which is an excellent way for them to motivate other people to become more persistent in reaching higher education and fight for their rights. Also, children should be educated about treating everyone equally from the youngest age and help them to learn more about ethics, morality,  and the importance of respecting other cultures, religions, and nationalities.