The cryptocurrency sector is growing at a fast pace, becoming an appealing career path for those passionate about technology and finance. Like any fast-growing industry, its evolution has led to an increasing demand for top talent to build the space. A KoreanAITimes report has shown that crypto and blockchain-related jobs grew exponentially from September 2020 to July 2021.

Following the market’s downturn, some companies cut staff or stopped getting new employees on board. However, others are seeking talented people to join their teams. The good news for those looking to start a crypto-related career is that there are many options to choose from.

But like pursuing any other job, you have to take the necessary steps to ensure your CV gets recognized. If you don’t know where to start, fret not – we’re here to guide you through the entire process.

Familiarize yourself with crypto

If you want to set yourself up for success in the industry, you should start by getting acquainted with cryptos and how they work. Even if the sector is relatively new, its decentralized nature enables the creation of different digital currencies. Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tether, and Cardano are prominent cryptos, and unless you know their structures and how they evolved, you can’t expect to work with them on a professional level.

Understanding the different use cases of these cryptocurrencies is also vital, as this will allow you to understand better the industry and the different roles available within it. Moreover, you should keep an eye on trends and news in the crypto market, such as how the btc price is evolving. This is important because the industry is never the same, and changes can occur very quickly, so you want to stay on top of every piece of information.

Understand cryptography


Cryptography means passing information through codes, forming the foundation of cryptocurrency. In short, it implies that a piece of information can be read only by the recipient for whom it was initially intended. Cryptocurrency relies on cryptography for security reasons, using different techniques like public-key encryption and digital signatures.

Understanding cryptography is imperative for anyone who wants to work in the industry because this is a fundamental component of the technology. Consider getting a course in cryptography, as it could provide essential knowledge regarding this concept.

Evaluate your skills

This is a vital step that helps you figure out what kind of crypto-related job would suit you more. Many available professions in the sector fall under the umbrella of STEM positions, ranging from programming and engineering to software development and science. However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t any job opportunities for those lacking STEM skills. For instance, if you have a background in writing, you can consider pursuing a career in content creation. Similarly, individuals with business experience may be well-suited for marketing or business management roles.

Start networking

Never overlook the power of networking, as it can be an excellent tool in career development. That’s because it allows you to connect with industry experts and professionals already experienced in the field you are interested in. Hence, you can build relationships with these individuals who can provide valuable advice and insights, giving you an opportunity to grow professionally.

You can use networking sites like LinkedIn or attend in-person events like conferences. Also, consider joining industry groups and professional organizations that align with your interests, as they can be great places to connect with like-minded individuals and stay updated on recent developments and news in the industry.

Update your CV


Updating your resume is also vital when preparing to apply for jobs in the crypto sector. You must review it in depth and make necessary adjustments to ensure it accurately reflects your experiences and skills, as this will increase your chances of catching the attention of hiring managers. Ideally, you should update the resume at least every three months to highlight your most recent experiences and accomplishments.

When doing this, consider including relevant skills for the crypto sector, such as a background in finance. Also, make sure your CV is well-written, easy to read, and free of errors. And, of course, you want to customize your resume according to the specific job you want to apply for, as this will help you stand out among other applicants.

Examples of crypto-related careers

So, now that you’re prepared to embark on your crypto journey, here is a list of jobs which you may want to pursue:

  • Technical writer;
  • Marketing manager;
  • Business development representative;
  • Web developer;
  • Financial analyst;
  • Data scientist;
  • Product manager;
  • Machine learning engineer;
  • Software engineer.

The crypto industry is largely understaffed


The demand for crypto-related jobs is expected to grow massively in the future, with some estimates predicting a growth of over 100% by 2028. However, due to its relatively new nature, the industry is currently experiencing a shortage of experts with the required experience and skills.

This translates into a unique opportunity for those interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchains, as they can enter the job market and start a career in this exciting and rapidly-evolving field. However, it is worth noting that your credentials and abilities play a crucial role in determining what kind of work you can undertake.

To increase your chances of being hired in the crypto industry, it can be beneficial to gain experience and make a name for yourself by contributing to different initiatives like community building, open-source projects or research. Many companies in the industry are DAOs, and they generally seek to hire individuals who have already contributed to the industry in some way.

Our takeaway

There are a few steps you must follow if you want to start a career in the crypto industry. Fortunately, many options are available, so even if you don’t have tech abilities, you can still pursue your dream of working in this field. Take an honest look at what you can do to figure out which job suits you best. If you familiarize yourself with all the concepts related to crypto, you can use your skills to contribute to the market’s growth.

For instance, you can become a financial analyst to make investment recommendations and evaluate financial information to identify trends and present financial reports. Since many positions in the industry are unfilled, you are ahead of the game in launching your career, so what are you waiting for? Follow our tips and start working towards your dream.