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Art is an expensive hobby, especially if you are a collector marauding dozen of art pieces all over your place. But, even if you only have one piece worth of taking care you do not want to handle it the wrong way. Cooperating with an art shipping company isn’t something only created for rich people who have their villas filled with pictures and sculptures. You might need a helping hand from a professional even if you are trying to put a massive painting above the stairways in your home. If you need to move something overseas or between cities you would be wise not to try to do anything on your own, especially if the piece in question is worth a lot.

Moving art around is not like moving other things from your house that can be handled by a mere moving company. Art is a story of its own and it shouldn’t be touched without the right effort, expertise, and dedication. You should know that true art isn’t only paintings and sculptures, it is also antique furniture. If you have something of value and are not sure how to approach the imminent location change please read about the benefits of hiring a professional art shipping company. Once you know what they are, you’ll no longer have any doubt about how to deal with this issue.

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For One, It Values Your Time

In today’s times, only one thing could be more valuable than your money – time. Moving heavy art pieces on your own could prove to be time-consuming. Instead of wasting time on it, you could hire professionals, who will cost you, but you’ll have more time for your work, earning money in the process. Many people get the idea wrong and think they can handle this specific type of moving without the help of outsiders, but all they do is waste money and in some unfortunate circumstances even manage to damage the piece they’re trying to move.

The worst part is when you manage to underestimate the whole endeavor. Moving art especially overseas includes packing, using ground vehicles, transportation to seaport or airport, getting all the necessary documentation, and taking good care of the product itself. All of these activities are time-consuming, and if it’s time you want, leave it to professionals such as good people from It is a decision you won’t regret, trust us.

Being Safe And Sound

You can’t pay enough money for the feeling of safety and security. In the end it all that matters when it comes to a fine art. Hiring professional shippers is all about putting your goods in the hands of professionals who’ll take good care of them. This is why this profession is highly valued.

There are many traits to this area of expertise, but in the end, what makes a company in this domain stand out is a job well done and eventual client satisfaction. If you want to have peace of mind while your valuables are being moved around you’ll be sure to talk to professional movers who’ll work in your name and for your interest.

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Proper Handling and Fine Packing

As we already mentioned more than once, when you hire an art moving company you’ll be working with professionals. This is the crucial part, as they have both the experience and tools to get the job done right without any hiccups on the way. Handling matters the right way ensures that your valuables are taken down the right way, packed and moved to destination, and unloaded all with utmost care.

Retaining their original condition wouldn’t be your care in this scenario. One thing that is often overlooked, and it’s something you can’t do on your own, is the packing. The sole reason why you want to take good care of your painting or sculpture is that it is unique. What this means is that they require the best possible care and attention, not only when moving but with pacing too. While you, on your own, wouldn’t know how to approach the issue, professional art shippers will ensure that only the best packages and materials are used for the storage of your valuables. If you took a peek at White Collar starring Matt Bomer, you know how dedicated to the art one can get.

A Small Matter of Insurance

Moving things on your means that all the burden lies solely on our back. If you are not seeking professional help, it means that you are responsible for any incurring damage. To avoid being left without your valuable piece of art, you’ll need to have it insured the right way. This could prove to be heavy-duty, finding the right insurance company and taking good care of all paperwork included.

But, when you hire pro-movers you get insurance as part of the package. Serious firms in this field make sure that their staff and vehicles are insured and that they have a strong policy in place that will ensure that your piece of art falls under their insurance. Thanks to this you’ll be rest assured that even if your valuable gets damaged you’ll be adequately compensated.

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Getting Things Done at New Location

While most people think the job is done once they load their cargo on a plane or ship, or even a truck, it isn’t. The essential part of each move is the installation that needs to occur in a new location. Packing and moving are important, but so is putting the art in its place at a new location.

Imagine if you have a massive painting that needs to be put high on a wall, and it’s only left in the hallway of your new home. Of course, you want it put straight up on the wall, and when you hire pro-art-movers, this part is going to be handled straight away upon arriving. You can see that hiring the right company could save you time, money, and get the job done from the start to finish.