Nowadays, many people prefer to invest in permanent lights for Christmas decorations. According to advertisements and false claims, the lasting age of these illuminations is around 20 years. But it is better not to keep your expectations too high. On average, it lasts for about 6 to 10 years. But again, it is profitable to buy these lights compared to other bulbs.

Other incandescent bulbs never last a year or less than that. If you buy them, you must make a big mistake. You should immediately switch to permanent Christmas lighting because of its amazing benefits.

This write-up will provide helpful information about LED permanent lights that you can use for Christmas decoration. As it lasts for many years, it is beneficial to switch to these lights and save money on energy bills as well.

Advantages of Using LEDs

Many people still prefer to buy incandescent bulbs to decorate their houses for the Christmas season. There is the hype that LEDs are far better than these bulbs. Well, more people have switched to it but not only because of the hype. Due to its benefits, people are installing permanent lights in their houses and using them for years.

The electricity consumption is relatively less than the incandescent bulbs. The illumination is also brighter and richer. Its better long-lasting power is making people switch to it. If you are also confused while deciding the better option, then you must consider the advantages and prefer LEDs.

Avoid Expecting Too Much


When you do Christmas shopping, you will meet many vendors who convince you to buy LEDs for house decoration. They may claim that these lights can last for about 20 years. You will feel happy and excited to make the purchase. But it is a scam, as it is better to avoid expecting too much.

Generally, these lights work better for 6 to 7 years. It can extend to 10 years at last. If you remove the lights in the off-season and keep them properly, you can only extend the lifespan or make it work for at least 7 years. But if you do not manage them properly, then it lasts for only two to three years. It will disappoint you; hence, you will lose interest in these lights.

But you should not buy other local bulbs as they will not last even in a single season. Therefore, it is better to invest in LEDs, but you should keep your expectations low. You must believe that the life of these permanent lights is only for six to seven years.

What About the 20-year Claim?

Many manufacturers and sellers claim that LED lights last 20 years. It is only marketing hype, and you should not believe this false claim. Undoubtedly, LEDs have an impressive lifespan but cannot exceed 20 years.

Therefore, many companies provide lasting information in hours like 75,000 hours. High-quality LEDs can work for 75000 hours, but components can fail if you mishandle them. You will get diodes in the light string used for Christmas decoration, and they can function well for the given hours. In some cases, it may last longer.

Consumer Experience


Many brands work and sell their items by following different marketing strategies. Claiming the lifespan of LEDs to be 20 years is one such hype. But a consumer purchases any product as per their experience. They will immediately switch to another option if they do not find anything satisfactory.

Therefore, selling any item for once is easy, but high-quality and true claims can make them last longer. As a customer, you can experiment and get experience. You will notice that LEDs last for 7 to 8 years if you handle them properly. But in the case of mishandling, you will lose them within one or two years.

Many people also prefer to install these lights permanently and illuminate them whenever required. If you prefer storing them, ensure they are done with care. Before you make a purchase, you must know about other consumers’ experiences and get yours with time.

Installing LED Lights Permanently

If you want to reduce unnecessary efforts of installing and removing light strings, you must prefer permanent installation. You can install it yourself or hire professionals. It will cost you once, and you can rest for a few years. There is no need to do Christmas shopping every year. By installing these lights, you can also save money on electricity bills.

These lights work well for every occasion, so you do not need to remove them frequently. You may get these lights at a high price, but it is a worthy investment, and you will not regret it in the future. Instead of considering local or incandescent illuminations, you must consider permanent LEDs.

You will notice better and more flexible light effects if you install the LEDs in your house. Permanent installation can save a lot of time and money yearly, and you will be ready for the Christmas season without doing much.

If you have not switched to these lights, then it is time to try them and experience better illumination and Christmas decoration of your house. It is better to buy one with a warranty so that you can change or repair the lights if required.


The Bottom Line

Many people have switched to permanent LED lights for Christmas decoration because it lasts more than other local bulbs. But if you think it can work for 20 years, you must not believe the myth. Indeed, it works for 7 to 10 years if you handle them properly. It can be installed permanently so that you do not install and remove the strings repeatedly.

You can save money and effort if you install them. It can also save a lot of money on your monthly electricity bills. Every year, people spend too much to fulfill all the Christmas expenses. But you can think of better options when it comes to lighting to reduce overall expenses.