Sports betting has been around for almost as long as sports activities themselves. Interestingly, the money turnover regarding betting is significantly higher than that of the various games the gambling industry potentiates. Even though the concept might appear as if it were simple since, to win, you must guess the outcome correctly, calculating how big the makings would be, seem to be more than complicated to an average betting enthusiast. Therefore, we suggest you go through the lines below and make one step closer to understanding odds and probability in sports betting. Realizing how things work might not only improve your game but also give you what it takes to forge a profitable long-term strategy.

The Odds Vs the Probability

In a nutshell, the two terms can be interpreted as antonyms, but not in the semantic sense. Namely, the odds represent a specific multiplier that informs the player about their potential gains. On the other hand, the probability affects the odds, since the higher the probability of a specific outcome, the smaller the odds would be.

To make a long story short, if a team or a player is likely to win a game, the odds will be smaller, and vice versa. Naturally, sports betting service providers offer a lot more than placing your money on a potential victor. Quite the contrary, nowadays, you can put your money on almost every single individual segment of a game.

For Example, you can guess whether a team shall score more or less than a specific limit of points scored or if a peculiar player would get a yellow card in a match. As long as there is a probability for something to happen in a sports match, the online bookmaker should institute how probable it is to happen and provide a player with the odds so they can plan their bets.

Fixed Odds


It is not always easy to find the best odds on the bookmaker market, thus, we recommend you do your homework and assess your options before you choose to place your money on a peculiar match. Additionally, we should warn you that high odds are not the only benefit a bookmaker can offer.

Namely, the competition in the market is higher than ever, so online gambling places use various promotions not only to attract new but also to keep the current clients. To realize how the whole concept functions, we suggest you try your luck with UFABET and compare it to alternative online betting spots.

When odds are concerned, we should underline that the odds tend to change depending on the evolution of a peculiar match. Thus, timing is of utter importance since a single moment might separate you from utilizing your chances. For the aforementioned, it is crucial to act as soon as you find out peculiar info and invest your money. For example, an injured key player might affect the probability of their team winning a match, therefore, the circumstances shall reflect on the odds.

On the other hand, the contemporary world of sports is full of speculations and intentionally placed fake news, so we suggest you pick your sources carefully and decide whom you will trust.

Another situation where odds change now and then is after a peculiar match begins. In a nutshell, the odds should change depending on the situation on the field, but it is not always happening in practice. Thus, if you know your team and reckon the odds in a live match work in your favor, feel free to step up and place your money on the outcome you reckon will happen, regardless of whether the odds are in your favor or not.

Type of Odds

Regardless of what type of odds your favorite online betting place uses on their platform, they should all represent the same thing; that is the probability of something to happen in a match, expressed in a standardized form.

Depending on where you live or what online betting houses you venture in, you should deal with odds represented in American, decimal, or fractional fashion.

American Odds


Both the most popular and utilized form of representing the odds is known as the American type. The catch with this style of representation is that it uses a three-digit number to show the probability. Thus, if you notice a +100 insignia in front of the name of your potential pick, you should know that you will be rewarded the same amount of money if the outcome matches your prediction. The negative digit, on the other hand, represents the less probable outcome and informs you about how much cash you would have to invest to earn 100$.

Decimal Odds

The decimal odds might be the most practical form of odds representation since you can easily multiply the amount of money you wish to place on a bet and calculate your potential winnings. Additionally, you should know that if you chose to combine several matches into a single betting ticket, the quotient can be easily established by multiplying the odds in question. The result you come up with should be the overall, and it should proportionally grow as you add games to the ticket.

Thus, if you have the odds of 1.2, you should earn 120$ for a grand invested, and if you combine 2 matches of the same odds, your initial investment of 100$ should be multiplied by 1.44.

Fractional Odds


Finally, the fractional type refers to odds represented in fractions. The higher the fraction, the chances something will happen are lower. Namely, if you place 100$ at a 2/1 fraction odd, you will double your initial bet in case the prediction comes true. The first digit in a fraction represents the multiplier, while the other refers to your investment.

Now that you know how the odds are made, we hope that your online betting ventures will unfold with less friction. Even though games of chance implicit the luck factor, knowing what you should focus on puts you in a driving seat and should facilitate the bet-making process. What appeared as if it were a randomly placed combination of numbers and symbols in front of a match should look like a reasonable and clear offer to multiply your fortune upon mastering the content of this article.