The world of gambling is vast, and you can partake in a wide array of different games out there. Naturally, you would need to take a look at each of them in greater detail and understand all the main points. Without doing your research, you cannot comprehend all the important matters for the game at hand, and you cannot expect to gain additional income.

These days, there are a lot of online casinos you can visit and play your favorite games. Of course, we would like to say that not all of them are credible, so you will need to do a little bit of research before you find the one that meets all the standards. It is a vast industry, and chances of coming across a scam website tend to be quite high

If you don’t know where to start looking for legitimate websites, be sure to visit As you can see, New Zealand is a country where you can find a wide array of different credible casinos. Today, we want to shine a light on a couple of them and provide you with all the things you should know about them.



The first website we want to touch upon is Conquistador. Not only that it has an interesting name that attracts a lot of players from all over the world, but it is also a credible website. You can easily find the license on the website, and you will see that it was issued by the Malta Gaming Authority, which is one of the most credible institutions in the industry.

The site was launched five years ago, in 2018, and it offers its players to participate in more than 2k games. If you know that the number of games is one of the biggest indicators for a credible website, you can be sure that this is the case with Conquistador. Naturally, the biggest chunk goes to the slot machines.

When it comes to the banking options you can choose from, you will see that Conquistador can offer you quite a lot of them. Naturally, PayPal is the most popular option, especially for those who play on this one, but who are not from New Zealand. The only payment this site lacks is crypto banking, which is quite widespread these days.

Wheelz Casino

The next one we want to point out is known as Wheelz Casino. We are talking about the website launched in 2024, and it got an impressive position in such a short time. If you take a look at some articles out there, you will see that it has made a significant impact on the industry in New Zealand.

One of the things that are marketed as a positive side of the website is the number and variety of promotions you will be able to get as a player. When it comes to the number of games, which is a little over 1k. When you know that this is a website launched just recently, it is really impressive to see this number.

Another thing worth pointing out is that the interface of this site is nothing short of exceptional. We all know just how important interface is since when done properly, this is the main thing that attracts players. It is properly optimized for mobile phones, so you will not experience any problems while playing on your device.

Casino Planet


If you are looking for a website that has impeccable credentials, and you want to try some new ones, then you shouldn’t look for Casino Planet. Once again, we can see that the number of games is exceptional since it goes over 1.3k. What separates this one from others is that it is a home for the biggest number of slots in the world.

Besides that, you will see that people praise the efforts done on this site, particularly the design. Players will not have any confusion after entering the site since it has a clean interface, and it entering all the games and options out there is pretty straightforward.

Libra Bet

Libra Bet is a welcoming website since it doesn’t require too much of your time to register on it. It requires only a couple of minutes before your account is up and you can start playing. An interesting thing about this one is that new players can use the demo version of the site before they start playing for real money.

If you take a look at some online reviews about this site, you will find that its customer support is widely praised. Whenever you have some questions about the support, they will provide you with an answer immediately. Payment options are impressive, especially since you can use digital currencies on the website.

Lucky Block


Last but not least, we would like to talk about the site known as Lucky Block. It is one of the best new online casinos you can find in New Zealand. The number of games in this one is nothing short of exceptional, with more than 6k titles. If this is not an indicator of its credibility, we don’t know what is.

The license is issued by Curacao Gaming Control Board, which is credible, and it allows the site to operate in all countries in the world. If you take a look at the lists of the best sites registered in the country, you will see that Lucky Block is definitely among the first ones. So, you shouldn’t hesitate to choose Lucky Block.

One of the most important things you should understand about this website is that it offers you to use digital currencies as a payment option. Not only that but you will not be limited only to using digital currencies such as BTC or ETH. Instead, you can use currencies such as Tether, Dogecoin, Cardano, and even Tron.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for a new casino to play at, and you are particularly interested in those registered in New Zealand, we’ve provided you with all the major ones you should check out in 2024.