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Every day, millions of people in India are playing all kinds of games. Casino games, bingo, sports betting, and even scratch cards are more accessible to Indians than ever before. But we rarely ask ourselves: what impact on our brain does such an activity as gambling have? Today we are bringing you answers to this question along with some advice in choosing the best games for your brain.

What is gambling and how does it affect the brain?

A straightforward definition of gambling is: to stake something of value on a certain outcome in a game in hope of gain. Like with most other activities we enjoy, while we gamble, our body releases dopamine.

Dopamine is also known as the „pleasure chemical“ because it creates feelings of pleasure and euphoria in our brain. You see, in its essence, gambling is all about emotions, or better said it is a rollercoaster of emotions. As simple as that – that’s why people like it, it creates excitement. And all of this happens in a controlled environment so people think they have full control.

Benefits of gambling

As we mentioned above, gambling is a very emotional experience and most players make decisions based on their emotions. With this said, there are quite a few reasons why gambling is beneficial for the brain.

Some of these benefits show only after some time, and others can show as soon as you start gambling. For example card games, such as  poker and baccarat require special skills and knowledge as they are not easy to play, that’s why you can read more information about the latter here

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1. Excitement

The excitement of gambling comes as a benefit to the brain, as you are waiting for a winning outcome, which comes as a positive experience. But while we are waiting for the outcome, what is happening in our brain? Adrenalin starts rushing in our bloodstream and this leads to increased blood flow in the muscles. Your body becomes wide awake and your pupils dilate creating an awesome sensation in the body. You become fully aware of everything that surrounds you.

If you win, you will trigger all of the centers of pleasure in your brain. This means hormones like dopamine and endorphins will create a sensation of instant pleasure, even if you were losing just a few minutes earlier. This is exactly the emotional rollercoaster we were mentioning before. Or to put it simply, if you win the last bet of the session, 9/10 times you will get a feeling like you were winning the whole time.

2. Learning

Gambling is a great way to make good learning habits because every mistake you make has an immediate impact on you. This impact can be emotional or financial but is very often combined. This makes for a great learning experience because every time you play you know the risks, and with time you become very good with risk management. You learn that this is the only way to make a profit. This helps you be true to yourself to make good decisions because there is no one else you can count on to help you.

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3. Reducing anxiety

Another benefit of gambling is that it reduces social anxiety. When you play table games with friends or strangers, you are more or less in a vacuum. The only thing that matters during this period is the action on the table. If you are an introvert you can be close to people and yet you don’t have to talk or interact with them directly if you don’t feel comfortable. The same applies to online casinos, even if you are not in direct contact with other players, you can interact with them using different methods like player chat.

4. Skill development

While some casino games are pure games of luck, there are games like poker and baccarat where players with certain skills can be successful and profitable. Players who take these games seriously and play them on a regular level will have enormous benefits when it comes to strategy.

We often hear that people who were professionals at strategic video games or people who are just good at math chose poker as their career path. This is because thanks to their background they understand that poker is a game of math and strategy with elements of luck.

Poker players eventually develop very important skills like patience, reading people, interpreting opponents’ moves, deceiving opponents, managing their stack, and bankroll. Other skills involve knowing when to continue and when to give up based on the odds of making a winning hand. All of the skills mentioned are applicable in real life and they help players move through life much easier than people who never gambled. Why? Because they are faced with tough strategic decisions daily and they can rely on their experience to make the right choice.

There are a lot of videos, tutorials, and other materials that can be helpful for newbies.

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5. Mental benefits

Gambling will help you pick up different skills while playing. You will probably learn to mentally task your brain, be more observant, and study patterns and numbers. Your brain will learn to be engaged with all of your activities actively. Your brain sees gambling as an exercise that will help him learn to use different strategies and tactics to win. For more help check

Also while you gamble you relieve stress and help your brain get into a more active and happier state (for the reasons mentioned above) this has positive long-term effects on your mental health. Think of a casino like a gym for your brain, you can use different games to sharpen your mind, relax and get stronger than you have ever imagined.


Although in most online articles gambling is perceived as having only negative sides, I hope that we showed you today that things are not black and white. Gambling has a lot of benefits, especially when it comes to mental stamina, emotions, and strategic skills. These skills will help you immensely in a lot of other real-life situations. And the best games for this are poker, baccarat, and blackjack. You can start exercising your brain immediately on Parimatch. And, until next time, good luck at the tables!