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Every religion has particular festivals that have a prominent place in the lives of followers. In the same way, the Hindu nation also has some very charming and attractive festivals. An important one from all those celebrations is Dussehra that is organized and enjoyed for one time in the whole year.

Every year a huge number of Hindu peoples gather in particular places around them for celebrating this event. Different methods of enjoyment are used in the whole event is a huge place for participating in everyone easily.

On this special occasion, every single person feels happy because this event has huge affections for them religiously. They wait for this day throughout the year eagerly and make different plans for this day.

The most important thing they want is receiving the best words of happiness and good deeds. So, it should be an integral part of the celebration of this day, especially for others. You should say them some special and loving words that tell them about the love and care you have for them.

You should have to invest some particular time to select those words that digest by the receiver in a single glimpse. If you have not enough time for such a selection, let us help you. Here is a huge collection on Happy Dussehra Wishes made by our team for your convenience. You can choose any of these and wishes and quotes for other events also from the concerned page.

dussehra wishes

Happy Dussehra Wishes

May this Dussehra burn all your worries with Ravana and bring you and your family loads of happiness.

Enjoy the victory of good over evil. May you have a fun-filled and blissful Dusshera.

May God shower his choicest wishes over you and remove all evil obstacles in life. Happy Dusshera.

May this Dusshera all worries, problems, and obstacles in the path of success get burned with the effigy of Ravana. Have a happy and blessed Dusshera.

Like the effigy of Ravana, burn all your worries also this Dusherra.

happy dussehra wishes

Learn to admire, not to envy Remember to work, and not to regret it. Have a blessed Dusshera.

Spread Goodness to Conquer with this Dasara. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Dasara.

May Lord Ram shower all his blessings on you.

May all your tensions burn along with the effigy of Ravana and may you lead a blissful and peaceful life! Happy Dussehra!

On this auspicious day of Dussehra, I wish you every happiness and the fulfillment of all your dreams.

“Jai Siyaram, Wish U Success & Happiness In Everything U Do! Happy Dussehra!”

May Goddess Durga bless you with good health, wealth, and prosperity on the auspicious occasion of Dashami. Happy Dusshera.

happy dussehra

“Sri Ram Ji Aapke Ghar Sukh Ki Barsat Karein, Dukhon Ka Naash Karen Is Dussehra Ke Din. Happy Dussehra”

This Dussehra, kill the demon that seeks refuge in you to outgrow yourself as a better human being. Here’s wishing one and all a very Happy Vijaya Dashami.

“Dussehra Is Festival Of Victory On Bad Elements In Our Lives. Happy Dashahara”

“May The Victory Of Good Over Evil Inspire U Towards Your Own Victories.”

“May Shri Ramji Gives U All Happiness And Love To Ur Family. Happy Dussehra To All.”

“Enjoy The Victory Of Truth Over Evil Happy Dussehra”

On Dussehra, let us celebrate the triumph of the Good over the Evil. May you kill the demon-like traits within you to evolve as a better human being.

“Ravan Jalaao Burai Ko Aag Lagaao Achchai Ko Apnaao Khub Pio, Khub Khao.”

wishes on dussehra

Dussehra Wishes In Hindi

विजयदशमी कि हार्दिक शुभकामनायें.

बुराइयों का नाश हो.. सब का विकास हो.

बुराई का होता है विनाश, दशहरा लता है उम्मीद की आस, रावण की तरह आपके दुखों का हो नाश, विजयदशमी की शुभकामनायें.

“बुराई का होता है विनाश , दशहरा लता है उम्मीद की आस , रावण की तरह आपके दुखों का हो नाश , विजयदशमी की शुभकामनायें .”

“विजयदशमी कि हार्दिक शुभ्काम्नाये”

“अधर्म पर धर्म की जीत , अन्याए पर न्याय की विजय , बुराई पर अच्छाई की जय जय कार , यही है दशहरे का त्यौहार .. दशहरे की शुभकामनायें”

“बुराइयों का नाश हो.. सब का विकास हो”

dussehra wishes in hindi