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The level of employee communications directly affects the final products of a company, no matter what is type of service it specializes in. Therefore, a thoughtful manager or a team leader should always consider dedicating both their time and thought to rising the atmosphere within their collective up in order to raise the productivity but also to make the working environment a more pleasant place to be.

When you manage to accomplish positive transformations to a workplace what you can expect are solely improvements, especially if the change affects and involves every employee no matter what rank in the chain of command they might have. Especially because of that be aware of digital signage and learn how to use it to improve the communication among the employees.

Since digital signage represents a centrally structured digital platform intended for streaming various video content to either single or multiple video projectors, the content might be modified and adjust to fit the wants and needs of the company that uses this form of contemporary means of information sharing among their employees. Thus, depending on the type of service and methods of doing business, your working place can benefit from digital signage in the ways listed below.

The Linkage

Communication Between Ranks

Back in the day when there was no means or at least, it was hard to find ways to communicate with the C-level or if you had an idea worth praising, your ingenuity would hardly get the attention it deserved. Nowadays, with the implementation of digital signage, things are utterly different. By giving credit to the most original individuals and sharing their unique ideas with the rest of the collective you do not only inform the C-suite about their efforts but you also indirectly motivate the rest to work harder. Surely, the selection and the approval of the material to be used for broadcast falls to the team or a sector leader, but the aftereffect transcends departmental boundaries.

Help Your Team Members Get to Know Each other

It is not unusual that employees fail to develop emotional connections with their colleagues due to simple timidity and this often happens at companies with a large number of workpeople. Well, while popular culture teaches us that professionalism is often related to the lack of sympathy, the truth is diametrically opposite, since the companies where employees know each other and feel good about their colleagues rate higher than the ones where that is not the case. Thus, in order to make a collective more familiar with its members, you can use digital signage and telecast material about certain individuals and share some interesting facts about them with others. Surely, you would not want to go into detail, moreover, even sharing the name and the position of a member of a collective can be a good starting point. Certain companies use this way to promote the worker of the month and use the same pattern both to praise and stimulate the department.


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Promote Internal Events

Imagine that solely one-third of your department shows up on a yearly meeting organized by your company because that is approximately how many of them would open an internal e-mail regarding corporate events according to some surveys. Surely, not everyone who opens an e-mail will come to a company event, but we have to agree that even those who do not open them can find out about them in some other way. Well, if you use digital signage to inform the employees about anything related to group sessions, whether it is company training, a meeting or even a party, the chances that they will be more aware of it are major if compared to traditional means of sending invitations. Thus, visit Indigoworkplace and expand your knowledge about digital signage additionally and learn about how it can make your company more connected.

Run a Quiz as a Form of Teambuilding

Teambuilding is essential, especially when you need the team spirit of your collective to excel when you are working on a particular project. There are various strategies you can use to stimulate your crew to work more efficiently and running a quiz and engaging different departments in this joint venture is what you can try out with your employees. Simply do this to secure everybody is having some fun time and publish the name of the winning team once a week using digital signage. You can do this all the time and teach your workers they can work wonders if they master the togetherness. Yes, there can be only one winning team but especially because of that should the others work hard next time. Work hard together.


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Promote Healthy Foods

Your workers will only be able to give to the company as they are truly capable, and if they are eating nothing but junk food you cannot expect them to give their maximum. Apart from that, you should show that you care for their health not only when they are at the office but also when the working hours have passed. Therefore, you can remind them about what they probably already know but would feel respected if they hear that you care and that can be arranged via digital signage with a short video message or a carefully designed presentation. The variations are endless so you might want to combine what is both nice and useful. For example, a short video about brain foods and how they affect the system of a working man is something that would rejoice almost anybody that cares for both his health and his job for sure.

Space Environment Innovations

Apart from a healthy diet, an employee needs a healthy and dedicated environment to perform most optimally, so you can think about digital signage as a valid way to implement some changes to the working space, Namely, apart from a means of sharing information, it can also be used as an aesthetic tool and make your office a more pleasant place to be. Thus, think about how you can use the carefully placed screen as a tool to make your collective feel more pleasant while they work hard and concentrate on various tasks throughout a working day.

Hopefully, you have realized the benefits digital signage can provide to you and your collective. Although the use of it is solely limited by your level of creativity, its positive features are just too good not to be taken into consideration. It enables you to unite the whole workplace and influence any single individual without exception, so digital signage proves to be a powerful tool if used adequately. Luckily for you, you can always re-read the aforementioned reading if you need an additional piece of advice and use the suggestions listed above to make your team even better at what you do.