Have you got nasty carpet stains that keep staring you in the face?

Your carpet is one of the biggest investments you’ll make when decorating your home, and you want to make sure you clean it correctly!

Getting your carpets cleaned properly is one of the hardest things to do, and it can easily go wrong, often causing permanent discoloration and damage to the carpet fibers.

If you keep reading, we will show you what to avoid when cleaning your carpets so you don’t cause any irreparable damage.

Aggressively Scrubbing Carpet Stains

Aggressively scrubbing carpet stains will cause damage to the fibers in your carpet.

Not only that, but aggressive scrubbing does very little to eliminate stains. In fact, you will only end up pushing the stain deeper into the carpet.

You may even untwist carpet fibers, causing them to fray, and that’s not a good look.

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Not Reacting Fast Enough

Not reacting fast enough to a stain will make the stain tougher to remove when you eventually get around to cleaning it.

Waiting allows the stain to soak deeper into the carpet fibers and become absorbed by the carpet padding.

Having stains deep rooted in your carpet can often cause bad smelling odors and even mold.

Using the Wrong Cleaning Products

Using the wrong type of cleaning products for your stain can cause permanent discoloration.

It’s important to ensure you do proper research before buying and using a new cleaning product on your carpet, and always follow the guidelines given on the back of every cleaning product label.

Not Testing New Cleaning Products

When using a new cleaning product for the first time, you must always perform a patch test to get an idea of how it’s going to react with your carpet.

Not patch testing can cause you to bleach your carpet color and damage carpet fibers if the cleaning product is too strong and does not react well with your carpet.

Wrongly Using Deodorizing Powders

Although deodorizing powders can make your carpet smell amazing, they shouldn’t be used as an alternative to professional carpet cleaning.

Deodorizing powders are best used alongside or in between professional carpet cleaning.

Be aware that using deodorizing powders too often can lead to thick powder build-up that becomes hard to remove. This is important to know before you make that mistake! Make sure you get in touch with the best commercial carpet cleaning professionals to make sure that your carpets are cleaned properly and safely.

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Using Too Many Chemicals

The adage, “more is better” doesn’t apply to carpet cleaning products. In fact, overusing carpet cleaning products doesn’t actually contribute to a cleaner carpet.

And again, overusing the chemicals in these products can damage the overall look and health of your carpet which, over time, can lead you to need replacement carpet.

Never Use Colored Towels to Scrub a Stain

Now that we’ve mentioned this, it probably sounds obvious. However, a lot of people, when they have a stain they need to get rid of urgently, tend to grab the first thing they see without thinking of the consequences.

When you use a colored towel to scrub a stain, you run the risk of dye seeping out from the towel into your carpet when wet.

Instead, always make sure you use white-colored towels. And don’t scrub the stain—blot instead! This will ensure that you don’t get any nasty pink, blue, black, or red dye stains on your lovely beige carpet.

Not Having Your Carpet Cleaned By Professionals

This post has highlighted the dangers of cleaning your carpet yourself, and that’s why it’s important to have your carpet professionally cleaned to avoid any potential problems.

With proper equipment and solution, a professional carpet cleaner can remove even the deepest and most stubborn stains without harming the carpet fibers, according to AccelCleaning.

With proper equipment and solution, a professional carpet cleaner can remove even the deepest and most stubborn stains without harming the carpet fibers.

Ideally, you should aim to get your carpet professionally cleaned every 12 – 18 months, and that will prolong the life of your carpet.

Renting Faulting Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Renting carpet cleaning equipment comes with its own risks. Some rental equipment can end up doing more harm to your carpet than good.

If the machine you rent isn’t properly maintained and serviced correctly, you can end up damaging your carpets.

Not only that, but you can also have excess cleaning solution sitting in your carpet fibers, which will cause re-soiling and mold damage.

Using Too Much Water

Although water can be your best friend when cleaning stains, it can often be the cause of some big carpet cleaning mistakes.

A small amount of water can be good for loosening stains, and when used with a high-quality carpet solution, it can provide good results.

However, using too much water will often damage the adhesive that is holding your carpet in place.

Not only that but when using too much water, you run the risk of excess water causing mold and discoloration.

Get Your Carpets Cleaned Properly

We hope this post has shown you just how easy it can be to make mistakes with carpet cleaning and how you can damage your carpet beyond repair if you are not careful.

Your carpet is a big investment, and carpet stains can affect the look and feel of your whole house. Making sure it’s taken care of professionally is critical to a comfortable home.

We highly recommend getting it cleaned professionally. It’s the only way to ensure that your carpet is cleaned properly and safely.

Once you are done with the cleaning you will not have to worry about it for some time! However, it is wise to repeat the process at least one or twice a year and detailly clean your carpets. They get pretty dirty throughout the year and although you vacuum your home, that cannot get all the dust out of them.