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Perhaps it’s the weekend, and you don’t want to go to your home office because you don’t want to be tempted to do work. Maybe you have young children who are still sleeping who you don’t want to disturb. Perhaps you simply feel like staying in bed.

Whatever your reasons, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to complete some of your errands from the comfort of your bed. Americans are experiencing more stress than ever before, and finding ways to reduce your stress can be crucial for your physical and mental health. Not sure how to make this happen? Read on to learn how to handle your banking while you’re still snug in bed.

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Invest in a superb mattress

Shop for the perfect mattress for your bed. Investing in a Click here is worth it if you’re tall because twin XL mattresses have an extra five inches of length, ensuring your feet won’t hang off the end of your twin XL bed. You can choose a firm or soft mattress based on your personal preferences.

Whether you’re looking for a plush, foam, or pillow top mattress, there are plenty of reputable mattress brands to consider. Some retailers include all the features in the price, so when you purchase a new mattress, you’ll get a bed frame and headboard that fit it perfectly, ensuring you have the perfect new bed. Many reputable retailers offer financing options, which means you can buy a new bed and mattress without putting the expense on your credit card.

Buy a laptop or tablet

Laptops and tablets make it easy to handle errands from any location, including your bed. You can also opt to use your smartphone, but sometimes it’s good to use different devices to prevent hand strain from overuse. Opting for a laptop instead of a phone or tablet may help reduce your risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. Whatever type of device you choose, make sure it has enough memory for the apps you plan to use.

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Get an unlimited internet plan

Take time to compare Internet plans from internet service providers (ISPs) in your area. It’s a good idea to consider an unlimited plan to avoid unexpected data costs on future bills. You also won’t have to worry about data throttling if you approach your data limit, ensuring you enjoy consistent Internet service all month. Different ISPs may have varying download and upload speeds. You should explore your options to find a provider with suitable upload and download speeds, mainly if you spend a lot of time uploading or downloading videos, streaming video gameplay, or using web-based apps and games. Manage multiple websites from a single dashboard, give different permissions to your customers and employees with our user management (coming soon), schedule security scans, core updates and more

Find the best online bank for your needs

Compare Click here to find a bank or credit union that suits your needs. Some of the best online banks include Tangerine, Simplii Financial, EQ Bank, Wealthsimple Cash, Scotiabank, BMO Online, TD Bank, and the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC). Some of these banks offer in-person banking in addition to online banking services. EQ Bank doesn’t offer debit or credit cards, so you can’t access funds through an ATM.

Tangerine offers some in-person banking, but it’s limited to larger urban centers. Reviewing your options is a great way to ensure you find a bank account with affordable service fees and ideal services for all your banking needs. With a VAM solution, businesses can gain a single view of pooled bank accounts that have been virtualized into thousands of bank-active virtual accounts. They are a fully bank active, automated self-service solution made available either on-premise or in the cloud, allowing you to improve and streamline your customer journeys to suit your customer’s requirements.

Cashfac’s broader, more complete Virtual Bank Technology platform harnesses advances in workflow integration, matching, analytics and real-time reporting with functionally rich virtual accounts to provide greater flexibility, customer self-service and a suite of integrated cash management applications.

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Consider setting up autopay and direct deposit

Once you have a bank account, set up a direct deposit with your employer, so your funds are automatically deposited into your account. Direct deposit prevents delays because you don’t have to worry about waiting for your paycheck to clear. You can also set up autopay for recurring bills to save yourself time and money. For example, some smartphone providers offer discounts of $10 or more per line when you set up autopay.

It’s easy to bank from the comfort of your bed. Invest in a comfortable new bed, buy a suitable electronic device, and sign up for a great internet plan to ensure you have all the resources you need to bank from your bedroom. Sign up for an account with the best online bank in your region. Consider having your paychecks deposited into your account electronically and sign up for autopay to reduce the amount of time you spend banking each month. He gets frustrated because he has to sit down every month, review his bills, and write checks for each of them. I get frustrated because it’s crazy to think that anyone would still pay bills like this!

So, in tribute to this unnamed family member of mine (I’m sure we all have them), I will cover everything you need to know about automatic payments in this including what they are and why you’d use them