SoundCloud is a great platform to promote an artist and their work. With the increased number of artists worldwide, it is becoming hard to acquire fans. Most beginners need help with marketing their songs and becoming famous. That’s why some users opt to buy soundcloud likes as a way to gain more coverage.

However, you need to take other serious steps to ensure you have more SoundCloud likes. It is also important for an artist to be present on other social media platforms to help them in marketing.

How to get more people to like you?


Working with social media promotion platforms is a great way of enhancing your social media presence. However, most people need to correct some things, leading to serious future issues.

1. Do not ignore the reviews

The reviews section shows what past customers think about the platform. You will determine whether the company is worth working with through the reviews. The customers share their experiences in terms of service quality and other issues. The ratings should also be above 3.8/5.

2. Easy-to-use website

Most SMM platforms use platforms from which you view the prices, packages and place orders. Ensure that your platform is HTTPS enabled to have seamless navigation. An easy-to-use platform ensures that you place your orders fast. The website should be secure and can be accessed from any device without requiring extra software or downloading applications.

3. Check the money-back and return policy

When a company fails to deliver what you want, you should get your money back. However, not all companies offer refunds. Visit the company’s website and look at the policies. Also, check the duration at which you can acquire your money back. Some companies offer money back after 30 days, while others extend the period.

4. Availability of customer service

Customer service is the backbone of every company. Excellent customer service makes it easier for customers to get what they want. Most people stop hiring certain companies due to poor customer care services. Customer service agents should be available to help you solve any challenges and answer questions. When choosing a company, ensure that they have an excellent customer service rating.

5. Prices and quality of services

Prices vary from company to company, and so are the services. Before hiring an SMM company, compare the prices and the services offered to get quality services at affordable prices. Some companies have high prices, yet the services are not premium.

How to get more views on SoundCloud?


1. Excellent quality music

We live in a world where quality speaks for itself. When you create high-quality music, people will love viewing it. Viewers will come back again and even recommend you to their friends. After creating your music, ask for feedback from the public and ask them what should be improved. This ensures that you deliver the best quality. However, you need to invest in your content. Therefore, you need great producers, editors and videographers. If you are doing it with your crew, buy quality equipment to deliver quality content.

2. Cross-promotion

As stated earlier, an artist should be on other social media platforms to help in marketing. With SoundCloud, you can share your music. However, there is a limitation on the number of plays generated. Therefore, integrating other social media platforms will generate views on your channel.

You can also work with bloggers and radio stations to market your new songs and ensure they recommend people to follow you on your SoundCloud channel. In addition, look for channels on SoundCloud that repost your songs to a larger audience than your channel can.

3. Tag your music

Tagging your music is a convenient way to attract new fans. It makes it easy to find it when searched on SoundCloud. Ensure that your tags are great. Good tags make it easy to find your music. You can research how to make excellent tags that will increase the number of viewers on your sound cloud channel. Further, learn methods for creating unique tags that make you stand out from other artists.

4. Giveaways

To acquire more views on SoundCloud, embrace giveaways to involve people in your music. You can start an action via your social media platforms, where participants should view many songs on your SoundCloud channel to acquire a giveaway.

Many people love giveaways; thus, expect a high turnout from your fans. You will also acquire new fans who will increase the number of views. Giveaways are a cost-effective way of attracting people on your SoundCloud to attract views.

5. Engage with other artists

SoundCloud is a huge community that requires you to engage and collaborate with other artists. Apart from promoting your work, you should comment, like and repost other people’s work on SoundCloud. Be ready to chat with other artists that love your work and arrange for collaborations.

When you collaborate, their viewers and your viewers will merge, thus improving everyone’s SoundCloud channel.

6. Consistently releasing good music

Some artists need to do better by keeping their fans waiting. The fans will walk away and find another consistent artist. It is advisable to make music regularly and keep your fans entertained. However, produce only a little that the fans will miss some of the music. When you keep your fans entertained, they will always come back you view what you post.


Final Thought

SoundCloud is a great platform to build and develop your music career. However, for it to work well, you need to use it well. An artist requires marketing to ensure that the music is shared and liked. To acquire more views on SoundCloud, produce quality music, collaborate with other artists, cross-promote on other social media platforms and then boost the channel with views.