Within District 26, tucked away in the beautiful greenery in Lentor Central, an exquisite housing development quietly is changing the standard of contemporary living. Hillock Green Singapore, a 99-year leasehold condominium that is launching is much more than an affordable housing project and a concept of harmony in living, where luxurious facilities, eco-friendly design and a closeness to nature are a perfect combination to establish a contemporary living experience that is a paradigm shift.

A symphony of Nature and Luxury


Hillock Green, brought to existence through a joint venture of Forsea Residence Pte. Ltd., Soilbuild Group Holdings Ltd. as well as UED Alpha Pte. Ltd. The project is slated to revolutionize the way that we view our living spaces of the present.

The development is unique and consists of an area of low-rise with five stories and a high-rise zone with an overall total of 475 housing homes. The design of the building is in line with a concept that envisions a green, pedestrian-friendly area that’s populated with lush vegetation.

A Green Haven

One of the most impressive characteristics that is unique to this area is its seamless connection to the upcoming Lentor Hillock Park. The park is situated adjacent to the construction and encompassing greenery will allow residents to escape the bustle and noise of urban life, without ever leaving their own turf. Relaxing in a sprawling estate filled with lush greenery and serene landscaping is just several steps from the door.

This park is more than a green space, but rather a place that allows residents to connect with the natural world. The park encourages you to move beyond your typical urban feeling and experience the tranquility and beauty of nature that surrounds you. This location ensures that nature isn’t a luxury that you can only dream about, it is part of the everyday routine.

An Area That Defines Convenience


This site is an added bonus to an already outstanding selection. It is located in the newly constructed Lentor Hills Estate, this property is much more than the typical residential development and is an integral element of an ambitious effort to develop a sustainable neighborhood that is a community. It’s a perfect example of convenience, having Lentor’s MRT station (TE8) of Thomson East Coast Line (TEL) in the walking distance.

Residents of the future will benefit from not just the ease that comes with Lentor MRT but its connectivity to other MRT lines. This includes that of the Circle Line via Haw Par Villa MRT station (CC25) as well as the Downtown Line via Stevens MRT station (DT10) as well as the North-South Line via Orchard MRT station (NS22).

Extravagant Amenities

It doesn’t stop at its promise of sustainable living or the ideal spot. It offers a range of premium amenities catering to all ages and the way of life.

A glimpse of the amenities you can expect to find in this lush, green oasis:

Swimming Pool


If you’re looking to cool off after the scorching summer day or take part in a workout that’s low-impact it is the pool that provides an ideal spot to unwind and fitness.


Your fitness goals will not be slowed down in this gym. This state-of-the-art facility ensures people have the best facilities to keep physically active.


For the moments you’re looking to let loose and relax The Jacuzzi is the perfect place to relax.


Get a holistic experience through a session in the sauna that provides not just physical, but also mental and emotional renewal.

Tennis Court

Improve your tennis game or have a fun game with your neighbors or friends.



The children have their own place to be active, play and interact with other children in a secure and fun space.

BBQ Pits

Host parties, gatherings and celebrations for family and friends was never easier. The BBQ pits offer a beautiful location for celebrations.


The space can be used for multiple purposes. It can be used for parties gatherings, conferences, or just reading a book the peace of.

Function Rooms

If you’re planning an event or celebration these well-equipped rooms can be used for any occasion and offer comfort.

This is a sign of the dedication for a more holistic lifestyle that is a blend of luxurious living, nature as well as convenience.

Pricing Expectations


The pricing and specifications have not yet been released in a formal manner, the development will likely compete with the other launches that are coming to the vicinity. The commitment of the development to create the most unique living environment that is at the crossroads of modernity and the natural world assures prospective purchasers that the investment they make will be worth it.

The Promise of Hillock Green

The essence of it is that this location  is more than an ordinary residential project; it’s also a promise. The promise of a fresh lifestyle that is modern and where the natural world isn’t just distant, but rather an integral aspect of the daily routine. This is a promise of luxury features, eco-friendly design as well as the ultimate comfort living in a family-oriented neighborhood.

Its vision extends beyond the boundaries of your house. It extends out towards the lush green spaces that surround Lentor Hillock Park, the lively roads in the Lentor Hills Estate, and the future of you as well as your loved ones.


When you think about modern life, you should consider this location – where the mundane becomes exceptional in a place where the present is joined by the future and you find a fresh approach for living that’s out of the ordinary.


Hillock Green isn’t just the name suggests, but a revolutionary concept, promising a brand-new style of living. It is located in the vibrant Lentor Hills Estate, it effortlessly blends luxury lifestyle, eco-friendly design and a deep connection with the natural world. It is a top location with a wide range of services and a commitment towards a more community-oriented lifestyle, it defines a contemporary living style that is a paradigm shift.

The development’s visionary design invites people to adopt a way of life that goes beyond just mortar and bricks – it’s a harmonious relationship with nature. Its close proximity to top schools, easy transportation and seamless integration into the coming Lentor Hillock Park ensures a whole-person living experience.