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The famous saying goes, “a dog is a man’s best friend,” but in reality, cats can be just as good, if not even better, companions to you! Everyone that has ever had the pleasure of having a kitty purr on your lap knows precisely what we are talking about!

The common misconception for cats is that they are fickle and distrustful creatures. However, this is entirely untrue! They are simply careful in choosing who to trust, but when they decide you are trustworthy, you will receive all the love they have to give.

Therefore, it is no coincidence that cats are among one of the most used animals for things like emotional support and service animals. Many people have reported that they have changed their lives from the ground up and helped them function normally, which they could not before. Follow this link to read about such a story:

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But, as with many pets and animals, it is not only their responsibility to take care of us, but we should also take care of them. Sure, they can provide us with much-needed love and support, but they rely on us on essential things such as food, health, and grooming. For in-depth guides and methods to keep your cat happy and healthy please visit here.

The relationship between a pet and its owner has always been a two-way street, which is no different when it comes to cats. It is only natural that we would want to care for them just as we would for any human relative and partner in our lives.

So, what does this care entail? Things like flea prevention and a clean sandbox are a given for any responsible cat owner, but there are many ways you can go beyond what is expected of you. Did you know that not only can your cat emotionally support you, but you could also emotionally support your cat?

Yes, that is true! Just like us, cats can suffer from emotional distress, most notably anxiety. You probably know how your cat behaves when it is anxious, but you might not know how to alleviate it. Don’t worry; we have just the thing for you. Stay with us as we discuss several methods and reasons to improve your cat’s health.

Uses and benefits to CBD in cats

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As we mentioned, cats too can experience anxiety just like we do. If you have ever had to take your cat to a vet or have had to move apartments, you know what we mean. Indeed, even something such as introducing a new member to your family, whether a pet or a human, can cause great distress for your kitty.

There is only so much soothing you can do in these situations before you might resort to external help. Some folks might opt for over-the-counter cat sedatives such as catnip, Feliway, or Rescue Remedy, but these too carry some dangers for your feline friend, especially if they have chronic illnesses.

That is why plenty of veterinarians recommend you give your cat CBD oil to alleviate its anxiety! If you are hesitant to do so because of its association with cannabis, there is no need to panic. These products have deliberately omitted the psychoactive ingredient of marijuana, THC, so your cat will not get high for sure! Indeed, CBD will help her relax and make her calmer, which is exactly how you want your kitty to be, right? Click here to learn all about how this substance helps your cat’s anxiety.

Even better, the benefits of this miraculous compound extend beyond your cat’s emotional state! Namely, if your kitten is suffering from chronic diseases such as arthritis, it could be in serious pain all day long. None of us want to see our pets suffer, so using CBD oil could help ease that pain and give your feline friend a chance at a normal life!

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Another animal health issue that this tincture could assist you with is seizures. Unfortunately, scientists still have not figured out the cause for this insidious condition, but the least we could do is try to treat the symptoms as best as we can. That is where CBD oil for cats comes in. Just a couple of drops from it could severely reduce your kitten’s suffering by a mile without all of the unpleasant side effects that come with the usual medications.

If your cat is the sensitive type, you have probably already encountered an allergic reaction by now. Little can be done to cure this except for maybe altogether avoiding the allergen, which is impossible. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD oil from the PetHempCompany can significantly reduce your kitty’s allergic reaction when applied directly to the skin.

An alternative issue caused by inflammation can also be inflammatory bowel disease. It is no secret that many humans struggle with this, too, so if you are one of them, you know how terrible those flare-ups are. They can be even more difficult for cats because they do not understand what is happening to them. Luckily, a couple of drops from CBD oil can manage the discomfort and swelling resulting from this condition.

Lastly, sometimes the worst possible fate can happen to our feline friend. Nobody wants to hear the dreaded c-word, but cats are not immune to cancer, just like we are not. If your pet is undergoing cancer treatment and experiencing debilitating side effects, CBD oil might assist in easing them. After all, after a lifetime of making our lives easier, what a more noble thing to do than to make sure they leave us in comfort?