Cluster Pays is an extremely desired feature among gamblers all around the world. In online pokies with this mechanic, the symbols don’t need to be matched on a fixed payline. It makes it a lot easier to build combinations, and the titles of this kind have become especially popular this spring and there are many new Cluster Pays machines released every month.

Goldstruck Blasts

The first game on the list was created by High 5 Games. Even though it is not the most outstanding provider of online pokies, this title is definitely a success for the company. The game has minimalistic and attractive visuals, while its soundtrack is calm and pleasing. Of course, it would not get on the list if it did not have the Cluster Pays feature.

Goldstruck Blasts has a 6×6 layout, which is rather standard for the games of this kind. The Return To Player value of this title by High 5 Games is 96.0%, which is a decent parameter for a modern machine. The maximum winnings multiplier that is available in this game equals x5,769. The title also runs smoothly on mobile devices including Android, iOS, and other models.

Aside from the main mechanic, there are several additional features available in the game. It includes Wild Symbols, Scatter Symbols, Free Spin Rounds, and even a Jackpot Game. Moreover, there are multipliers that the players can hit throughout their play sessions to boost their winnings even further.

Twice as Nice


The next game is delivered by OctoPlay. This company specializes in creating Cluster Pays online pokies, so the title has everything the players love about these slots. It is themed with Ancient Egypt. The theme is far from being new, although the unique visual style of this slot machine makes it feel fresh while playing. The soundtrack corresponds to the theme and sets the correct mood for winning big.

Twice as Nice has a 5×6 grid, which is the signature layout of this provider. As the Cluster Pays feature implies, there are no fixed betways in this slot. The Return To Player value of this machine is 94.03%, which is around the industry-average level. The maximum winnings multiplier is x11,000 here.

The game is densely packed with additional features. First of all, some of the symbols may occupy multiple slots on the grid, making the combinations a lot easier. It is rather rare for Cluster Pays machines. Secondly, there are Wild Symbols that may also get expanded on the grid. Another feature activates Multipliers that enhance the final payout from a combination. Other additional mechanics in Twice as Nice include Free Spin Rounds, Sticky Wilds, and Symbol Collection.

Triple Thunder

The last title on the list was released by Tom Horn Gaming earlier this month. Its visuals might not be as polished as with the previous online pokies, but the mechanics make it a very interesting title enjoyed both by experienced gamblers and new casual players. It is easy to guess that the game has a mythological theme, but the graphics are rather minimalistic here.

The machine has a 5×5 grid with no paylines, as it is a Cluster Pays game. The Return To Player value of Triple Thunder reaches 95.02%. Its maximum winning multiplier is only x450, but the frequency of such hits is correspondingly higher. As all the other pokies on the list, it is available on Android, iOS, and other mobile devices.

There are lots of additional features implemented in Triple Thunder. It includes Wild Symbols, Free Spin Rounds, Autoplay, Multipliers, and others. An especially notable mechanic is the Symbol Collection, which is represented as a Thunder Meter here. Once it is filled, it triggers the special feature of landing a huge symbol on the grid.

Retro Tapes Cluster Link


The next decent slot machine on our list has a completely different theme. It is themed with Retro, which is quite rarely used in modern games. This casino online slot is delivered by Push Gaming, another famous software provider.

The game’s maximum winnings multiplier is rather impressive, as the players can win up to 10,000 times their bet in this game. Its RTP value reaches 96.47%, which is significantly higher than average. Last but not least, the game has the famous Cluster mechanic in it, which creates new opportunities for the players to match various combinations of slots.

Santa’s Stack Dream Drop

The last fresh game that is worth checking out is Santa’s Stack. Made by Relax Gaming, this slot has a 8×8 grid with Cluster Pays. The RTP value of the machine reaches 96.27%, whereas its maximum winnings multiplier is x20,000. If you were looking for a slot with a Christmas theme and an unusual pixel art visual style, this game will surely be a worthy choice for you.



Let’s start our summer journey with this cheerful NetEnt slot released in 2016. It’s easy to guess which tropical island inspired this slot. Of course, we’re talking about Hawaii with its fantastic beaches, imposing volcanoes, and traditional wreaths of flowers.

By the way, the full name of the colorful slot machine is Aloha! Cluster Pays because the game uses the popular Cluster Pays game mechanic.

In order to get a win, the same game symbols do not have to land on fixed paylines but need to appear in groups, the so-called clusters.

So if nine or more identical symbols are next to or on top of each other, you can count on a win.

This is a big advantage as winning clusters can form practically anywhere on the six reels.

Aloha has a gorgeous RTP of 96.42% and has been endowed with low volatility by NetEnt. Long dry spells are very rare here, so if you are looking for online pokies that pay out consistently, then Aloha! is a great choice.

The selection of bonus features is just as colorful as the Hawaiian vegetation. Look forward to wild symbols, scatters, free spins, expanding wilds, and respins in this beautiful game.