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Sex in club toilets

Sex in club toilets

Club toilets - a place to gossip, snort a line or let out that lust. But before you start copulating in the conveniences, read on.

Protect yourself

Alcohol and drugs can screw with your functions. Don't put yourself at risk, always use a condom. If your fumble is with a stranger, you don't know where they've been and chances are there won't be time for them to tell you, so play safe.

Although nobody has the right to do anything sexual to you without your consent, if you're getting completely off your head on drink and drugs on a regular basis, you could be making yourself vulnerable. It's easy to forget about safer sex or even general personal safety if your judgement is seriously impaired. Some people just need to cut down a little, but for others it's a complex issue that relates to their self-esteem. On a similar note, although drug-related sexual assaults are rare, it's worth knowing how to protect yourself, and look out for your friends.

Audience - applause or arrest?

It may be a turn-on getting steamy in a public place, but getting caught in a compromising position is not nearly as thrilling in real life when the bouncers become an active audience. While they are more likely to tell you to cover up and move on, they could get the police involved.

In fact the Sexual Offences Act makes it an offence to commit any sexual acts (not just intercourse but any sexual touching of other parts of the body) in a public lavatory if the person intentionally engages in a sexual activity. The person could be liable to imprisonment of up to six months, or a fine. The bill also dissolves the old offences of cottaging (cruising for gay sex in public toilets) so now everyone is bound by the same laws regardless of sexuality.

Tempting as it may be to get it on in trains, planes, parks and other public places, you could be prosecuted for 'outraging public decency'. Broadly speaking, a person commits such an offence when exposing themselves or engaging in a sexual act while another person is present and likely to be offended or alarmed. So be warned, if you're overcome by passion, and it can't wait until you get home, make sure no-one else is watching!

In theory, even going topless on the beach can expose you to complaints, and not just in cases where it's banned by the local authority. If the police were brought in, however, the decision to prosecute would depend upon the circumstances behind the alleged offence and their interpretation of the law.

Updated: 16/12/2009

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