How to be a good friend

Like any relationship you need to put effort in to keep a friendship going. Follow's top 10 tips to keeping your mates and you'll never be lonely again:

two girls leaning on a railing.

Being a good friend isn't always this easy...

1.  Like yourself: How can others be expected to like you if you don’t like yourself? It’s no fun hanging out with miserable sods. Repeat the mantra – bah forget it.

2. Choose well: Don’t overstretch yourself, while it’s great to have loads of people you know and like, it’s better to have a select few that you spend more time with.

3. Make time for each other: Don’t abandon your mates at the first sign of lust, they’re the ones you’ll run to if it all goes wrong, and if you’ve vanished off the planet for a few months previous to this they may not want to pick up the pieces. If you are on the receiving end of this, tell your mate directly, as subtle hints tend not to work.

4. Treat them as you wish to be treated: Obvious? You’d think so, but most people fail on this one.

5. Make them feel wanted: Just like with lovers, where you may give surprise gifts, special dates and candle-lit meals, making your friend feel special can help make your bond stronger…and you may get gifts in return!

6. Speak: It is better to bring up problems before you get to the point of a massive row, but either way make sure you do discuss them rationally and apologise for being an idiot if necessary. Then let it lie and move on.

7. Listen: This is a two-way thing, don’t expect them to continually help you out with your dilemmas and then have no interest in helping with theirs.

8. Trust and loyalty: These are essential to close friendships. You don’t have to share everything, but if you do, make sure you don’t blab to everyone else. How would you feel if they did the same

9. Support them: If you want them to ‘be there for you’ you’ll have to be there too.

10. Admit when it’s over: If you bore each other and it’s a chore to spend time together, then call it a day.

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Updated on 29-Sep-2015